Jonathan Martin: Bullied, Baller Wolves, and Burn Books

youcantsitwithuss0 i’m confused with this story.
so the baller wolf above,
jonathan martin,
claims he was allegedly being bullied by his miami dolphins teammates.
well by this specific teammate by the name of richie incognito:

7518792aren’t we too old for bullying fat boy?
well jonathan claims that when he allegedly tried to sit with richie and nem,
he got “politely” declined and it lead him into emotional distress.
thats where my confusion laid.
it’s even more serious according to nbc news

More and more details are emerging regarding the circumstances surrounding tackle Jonathan Martin’s departure from the Dolphins.  And the situation demonstrates how mean and unrelenting an NFL locker room can be.

According to Alex Marvez of FOX Sports, Martin’s exit came after “persistent bullying and teasing” from some of his teammates.

Per Marvez, Martin has taken a personal leave of absence to spend time with his family.

The situation came to a head this week, but Martin previously had “tried dealing with a slew of indignities that crossed into personal and family insults.”  Marvez writes that the Dolphins knew that “cruel actions” of some teammates “went well beyond the customary hazing.”

The NFLPA reportedly is monitoring the situation, and the union has inquired about the treatment of Martin.

Incidents like this make it hard to believe that the NFL locker room is ready to accept an openly gay teammate.

let-it-out-honeywhat is this all this bullying as of late?
its not even just kids anymore.
we got grown adults harassing each other.
i expect baller wolves to go crazy during rookie hazing,
but did this go beyond that in this case?
the last sentence got me tho.

if this big “6’5/325 lb” baller wolf is the subject of harassment by his teammates…

What’s going to happen to a gay one?

lowkey: how is jonathan even going to go back on this team after this???

x article at: nbc news
x read more about richie being suspended

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “Jonathan Martin: Bullied, Baller Wolves, and Burn Books”

  1. This should’ve gotten MORE coverage especially after the Sherrif arrested those 2 girls for bullying to death! This has happened all over America! If you’re “different”, you’ve fair game! This should get a 60 Minutes interview! How do you expect KIDS to understand that this isn’t OK when you have adults exhibiting this behavior at THIS level?

  2. This is a sports related issue so sports outlets; ESPN Fox Sports NBCSports CBSports will provide better and more accurate coverage. Supposedly Martin is not the only teammate(I dont think he’s a rookie) that feels this way but is the 1st to speak up on it(ala rosa parks). Also Incognito had problems as a college athlete as well. Got into an issue at one school, transfered to University of Oregon and only lasted a week there. He reminds me of the white defensive dude from the cw’s “The Game” when Derwin went to bench press and dude said “this is defense’s bench”.

  3. They say bullying and hazing but it had to be that bad to quit the team. I think he was gay and they was riding his ass extra hard

  4. the bully has been suspended indefinitely by the Dolphins. They are not playing with this.

    I always thought the fastest way to stop a bully was to punch them in the throke. That’s what I did in 7th grade.

    1. I think a good way to stop a bully would be to team up with the other kids they bullied and then jump the bully.

      It is sad when you have grown ass adults acting like children in elementary school.At first I believed it might be a hazing thing which I think hazing is stupid anyway, but if he wasn’t a rookie then the hazing BS was used as an excuse to cover their asses.College and NFL, y’all need to grow the fuck up.Y’all too old for that shit.

    1. Yea but remember that fat dude is jealous of Jonathan. He’s good looking, nice hair, and probably more likable. I know how bullies work they are the one who tries to fit in because there something wrong with them and they pick on other people so that others wouldn’t notice their flaws.The biggest flaw about this guy is that he is fat and from what I can tell between his legs he is no more than 3 to 4 inches. And he’s probably gay, remember Ricky Martin used to pick on gay people back then.

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