Bo Do Bleeeeeep (Bo Bo Geeeeeeep)

despicable_me_2-wallpaper1when i tell you…
i was watching this movie just now and was hollering….

oh god i needed this.
i know my neighbors were asking questions about what was happening in my crib.
despicable me 2 is funny as hell.
i fell in love with the first one that i went and bought it.
of course i let someone borrow it and its now gone.
i’ll have to buy it again plus the sequel.
i know we are all getting ready for #rhoa,
and #revenge.
…or is that just me?

largelowkey: i want minions and i want them now!
any wolf who gets with me has GOT to love cartoons.
i won’t stand for it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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