Wolverine 2 Didn’t Cut It?

181361-e4fa4dc4-ef3a-11e2-a799-ec5c9dace08afirst and foremost,
hugh jackman is one snow wolf i secretly masturbate too.
yeah i said it.
i have the biggest low key crush on him and when he turns into wolverine
i feel all tingly inside.

The-Wolverine-Fight-Scenei watched wolverine 2 tonight and i was kinda…
dare i say,
sure it had its moments,
but it also had way too much talking.
i found myself texting and doing other things to keep myself from falling asleep.
was i the only one?
i know 1 thing,
im ready to see this:

yeaaaaahhhhhh buddy.
i’ll be ready for it next year may 2014.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “Wolverine 2 Didn’t Cut It?”

  1. The first and second act was good, not great, but the third act really went in another(bad) direction. Overall, way better than the first movie. The next X-Men movie though, should be fantastic.

  2. Yeah this one was alot better than the first one but not by much . I was semi happy with it. I’m ready to see x-men days of future past, i’m a big x-men fan and i love the movies even if i think angella basset would have been a better storm..

  3. Hugh Jackman is a sexy man, but I am disappointed that the movie sucks. But hey now I am looking forward for X-Men!

  4. They need to stop trying to make Wolverine the star.He’s not Superman nor Batman.Out of all the X-Men, his powers are the most boring besides Beast.He works better in a group like Nicole in the Pussy Cat Dolls.

    I knew this movie would be lackluster.Too bad he signed up for about 3 more.They need to give Wolverine a break and focus on Cyclops.

    1. @Zen..you got that right! They need to stop focusing on Wolverine so much. He works better in a team setting and not solo. Looking forward to the next X-Men movie…but I’m not holding my breath that it will blow me away. I’m more hyped for Transformers than anything!

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