“U is Smart. U Is Kind. U is Important…”

How ironic that I saw a movie called “The Help”,
and I needed HELP while sitting in the movie theater.
No, I didn’t get bored and needed a quick exit strategy.
But, I got overwhelmed with an emotion that isn’t exactly healthy.
It is natural, I guess…

But it NOT the Foxy way…

My home girl drug me to the movies to see The Help.
Now, I never even heard of this movie or even knew it was a book.
The plot looked interesting, judging from the few commercials I saw for it.

As we waited for the movie to start, I did my usual people watching.
Well, Wolf watching.
It is surprising what Wolves go to the movies solo these days.
(tip: matinee is the best time to bait Wolves)
For this particular flick, the theater was filling up with white people of all kinds.
We were the only speck of color in the joint.
Judging from the subject matter of the film, it was pretty ironic.

I noticed this duo walk into the theater as the lights started to dim.
One was a muscular aggressive white Wolf, while his friend was a thick Asian.
I could tell they were a couple just by the body language.
That Asian Fox just looked proud of his Wolf leading the way.
They came into our row and the Wolf asked if we all could move down because they were being joined by two more people and wanted to free up two more seats.

That White Wolf’s voice was so deep and laced with sexual ear candy.
I could just imagine what he sounded like at 8 in the morning.
As we moved, I watched his Foxy friend full of smiles like:

“Uh uh, this my man BIATCHES.”

About 15 minutes later,
another duo came in with a ton of food from concession.
It was the same kind of duo: fine White Wolf, but this time a fatter “diva” looking Fox.
Fatter Fox had more food and he was leading the way.
They were the ones Duo #1 was holding the seats for.

Truthfully, I admired them for snagging such fine Wolves.
I also admired them for going to the movies.
These days, when you meet a Wolf,
he wants to come over and stick his pipe down your throat.
Their idea of dinner and a movie is some Mickey Dees and a DVD.
Going outside means picking him up from the station and bringing him to your crib.

I started to wonder:

Where did they all meet?
Was it online?
Are they happy?
Do they go out often?

^that was my exact face staring at them.

It made me singe with jealousy.
But at the same time, excited.
I found myself being jealous for a quick second and then moving on.
Lord knows how long they waited for their “love” breakthrough.
Sometimes a Fox can wait years until the one stumbles upon his Foxhole.
Looking at them gave me an inner conformation that I will find him sooner than later.
And guess what?

So will you.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on ““U is Smart. U Is Kind. U is Important…””

  1. Lol @ the title. I don’t see nothing wrong with Mickey D’s and some dvd’s. Lmao.

    I’ve noticed that other races are more outgoing when it comes to meeting new people, where as we just people watch and later gush about how fine the dude was.

    Case in point.

    The other day at work this guy at work wanted me to tie his tie a specific way. He was white, kind of preppy, nice thick masculine build. I couldn’t make the knot big enough so I called over my co-worker who’s Hispanic, gay, and jolly as Christmas. I walked away, came back 5 minutes later and he and the dude were making plans to meet up at some bar later.

    5 minutes!

    I didn’t even get a gay vibe from the dude at all. To top it off my co-worker had to have at least 6 years on this younger dude he pulled.

    No. Hate. Here.

    1. Well, since you’re co-worker is out & jolly, he probably had no reason no to flirt with dude and feel him out. Also, other races don’t have the same hang-ups Blacks (and Latinos to an extent) about homosexuality, so…less hiding. And then the snow queens don’t often like chocolate – unless it’s fetishized…so, yeah.

      I’ve seen this kat at a clothing store I smei-frequent who would be generously be called a butch queen; cute, light-skinted, and wears pants so tight you can see his religion. I could probably holla, but I just don’t wanna be out there like that, however I can see him pulling a couple dudes during the course of the day…lol

      1. That’s the thing wolf. When I first started working there I didn’t know he was gay. I just thought he was really happy…all the time.

        He’s kind of like Fez from “That 70’s Show” accent and all.

        I’ve encounter sexy dudes all day long at my job. Dudes asking me which underwear is sexier and such. I just kind of play it off.

        I don’t shit where I eat. Dudes will not be messing with my cash flow.

  2. Seen the movie aint gone lie eyes teared up a lil bit but was not go cry in public lol. Jamari i think its like that everywhere. There was a total of four black people in that entire theater including myself and friend, the rest was nothing but white people. I started to wonder what kind of movie was we going to be watching lol but it turned out to be a really good movie.

    Tip: Dont accept pies from people who you just fucked over LMAO

    1. i kept those emotions on LOCK R!!!!

      The white people DOMINATED that theater.
      For every show, the workers said it was a majority of white people.
      That confused me, but then I “got it”.

  3. Aside from the “relationship undertones” of this entry,
    do you guys feel that we as blacks are still “the help” even in this day and age?
    Also, do you feel that the movie spoke about gays as well?

    (for those who saw it)

  4. Oh well. That’s just one of the benefits of being OUT. You get to go on dates. It’s not someting I yearn for. I’m a wine and red box kinda guy. I’d be that way regardless. Like the whole can you move down thing…That White boy woulda got told to go find a row where 4 seats are avail. I’m just sayin. That’s why I stay my ass home. We can drink, I’m great in the kitchen so we can eat, and I’m even better in the bed so we can fuck. Yup, I’ll take the home date any day…or night…

    Speaking of thick Asian men…I tweeted about this this weekend. Had an Asiaon or Maybe Hawaiin or maybe even mixed dude pull up next to me at the liquor store. I was parked head in, he backed his car in so that his passenger side was facing my passenger side. Anyway I’m sitting in my car waiting on my cousin I look over, normal reaction when someone pulls in next to you…He gives me a head nod. So he gets out his car…He was wearing Basketball Shorts that he was sagging, sagging heavily, and a wife beater. So he gets out his car and stands between the car and his door for maybe 5 seconds. As he stood up his boxers went down. This can happen with boxers if you have thigh meat and booty meat. Can happen with boxerbreifs as well. I hate that! Anyway a large portion of his ass was showing. Usually with these guys when they stand up or something you get a view of their ass from their shorts or underwear that are exposed until they pull down their short. But as I said this guys boxers had slid down probably when he sat down to drive and now had come down even more as he stood up. Instead of immediately pulling them up, he stood their in between his door and car dusting off his front I suppose?, all the while his ass cheels are exposed to me.

    1. Sorry I hit publish as I was moving my finger across my phone screen to try and change cheels to cheeks…Anyway dude had a nice Ass. A phat brown ass. He was tatted up. Thick, football player type of build, a bit of a gut. Rocking bball shorts and a beater so he had swag…or swag in my opinion. Didn’t seem gay to me, but I swear he wanted me to look at his ass which is why the long pause before pulling up his drawls. I dnt knw. I think he was flirting. Even when he came back, I was still waiting…My cuzzin had given them a 100 and they didn’t have change…So yeah he came back and I looked over and again he gave me a headnod…I think he was flirting…Which is why I brought this up I guess…cuzz were talking about OUT men…And thick Asians (he could have been mixed, had too much booty to not be Black) And if I were out I think I would have flirted back…But I didn’t…Oh well…Sorry for typing all this…I know my story wasn’t that interesting…

  5. When will it happened is what I got to ask myself, I would love to go on a regular date. The last date I went on was a online hookup, never trust pictures. I really wanted to turn around when I saw this dude, but I am a somewhat nice guy, so I go through with it, because who knows, looks are not everything,,well his conversation was just like he looked TIRED! I lost interest so fast, I took him to a casual hip spot and paid for dinner, he was overwhelmed, saying no one had ever paid for him on a date, nor had he been to any spot like that before, I didnt want to hurt his feelings and tell him that I know why, he then told me all his negative drama and I wanted to run. I ended the date pretty fast with an excuse and he was surprised saying he wanted to chill at my place–Hell No, I know I could never get rid of his ass if he knew were I stayed. I just ignored his calls to no avail, he just call me the other day. Talk about dont have a clue. Its hard in the black gay dating world. I need the “HELP” to arrive for me.

  6. The white girl’s dating experience will always be completely different compared to ours. First of all their in the privileged group and second of all there are WAY MORE OF THEM. For all we know they could have both been rice queens than the Asians were just their fetishes. I totally understand where you’re coming from though. It sucks to see it but i think its important to keep context in mind. If it were couples who favor bow wow and Bret Locket coming to sit next to you, i think the conversation would be different. Out or not you’ll notice you still dont see the same proportion of black gay couples out and about and i think that speaks to something greater.

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