How To Fall On Your Ass In The NFL To Humble You

It seems all my past “Daddys” are slackers, huh?

Guess which “Daddy from the past” just got cut from his team?

How ironic is that is the place I usually saw him.

How far has Aaron Maybin’s stock fallen since he was taken No. 11 overall in the 2009 draft?

The Bills tried to trade him recently for absolutely anything, and they found no takers. So the team will release him Monday, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

We know Maybin has fallen a long way because none of this comes as a surprise.

Maybin came into the league as a defensive end, but he showed up to training camp this year at 228 pounds. He was taken by the previous regime in Buffalo, and the new staff had no use for him in a 3-4 defense.

The Bills took Maybin two picks ahead of Redskins defensive end Brian Orakpo and three picks ahead of Saints safety Malcom Jenkins.

The Penn State product will now be subject to waivers.

UPDATE: The Bills quickly confirmed the move.
Aaron Maybin’s time in Buffalo is up | ProFootballTalk

It didn’t take the Buffalo Bills very long to run out of patience with pass rusher Aaron Maybin … primarily because he didn’t rush the passer with any effectiveness in the pros.

Maybin was waived Monday after failing to record a sack (and starting just one game) in his two-year NFL career.
The 11th overall draft pick in 2009 out of Penn State, where he was an undersized defensive end but had 12 sacks in his junior season, Maybin failed to adjust to the NFL at either 4-3 end or 3-4 rush linebacker. He managed 24 tackles in 27 career games. He had just one stop in extended playing time Saturday vs. the Bears in Buffalo’s preseason opener.


These newbies stay in the club and not on their game.
Anytime I saw Aaron’s pics, he was in the club.
That money and lifestyle makes people so stupid.
I remember before he got in the league, he was humble.
I always liked his drawings on Myspace and he how he spoke about life, before.
Now, after poppin a few bottles and fuckin a few bitches (one eventually poppin out a beautiful daughter),
he lost his mind… and now his team.

Devin suffered the same fate, TWICE, and he is trying to get his act together.
Will Aaron be the same?

Sometimes you need a hard fall to realize you have a soft ass.

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7 thoughts on “How To Fall On Your Ass In The NFL To Humble You”

    1. And broke. So you can put him out on the street on maybe the mantle to look at him from time to time…lol

  1. Damn thats a hard fall for such a beautiful specimen of a man, but he has been the talk of the league for a while for his under performance, hopefully at this point someone can use him once the season starts, but he is going to have to get used to being on a budget because he will be lucky to get the league minimum, or else he better take his ass to UPS with the rest of the pretty boys who got to pay bills. I hope he doesnt do some dumb stuff like some of these ballers when the checks stop like illegal investments, drugs, etc. Maybe he will be able to audition for Dawgpound!

    1. ^ I remember when he was so serious.
      working out like crazy.
      that mofo got his ass in the club and all the light skin girls started feeling him and he got amp.

      now he is in the “bust” category.

      some of these Ballet Wolves do not have the right mentality to be in the pros.

      Anyone notice they always get some ho pregnant as soon as they get drafted?

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