So I Listened To “Everything Is Love”…

my cousin hybrid said it was “noise with a bass line”.
the foxhole was split down the middle.
some liked it; others gave it a hard pass.
when someone told me it was on spotify today,
but under “the carters”,
i said i’d give it a listen.
i wasn’t with the tidal shits.
so i listened to “everything is love”.
lunch break and on the way home.

i’m giving it a very strong “eh”.
i only liked 3 songs:

maybe 713

everything else was very “filler” to me.

i didn’t really take to the album at all.
not as fast i did with “lemonade” or jay’s albums.
i didn’t even listen to it on shuffle.
when it ended,
i was like “that’s it?”.
maybe it’ll grow on me with enough listens.

lowkey: you can tell beyonce just did it for a quick sale.
i don’t feel the same energy as i did with her other albums.

let’s hope she has her own shit coming soon.

12 thoughts on “So I Listened To “Everything Is Love”…

  1. I was excited about her musical potential after Coachella, so I listened to the record. After watching a few of the reaction videos online (which are so ridiculous they deserve their own parodies), I am so glad to read that there are others who think this music is beneath her talent! Her Achilles heel is her musical catalogue – too many garbage records and not enough true songs. And I am definitely in favor of a Carter detox after October, but I won’t hold my breath…

  2. I liked it 🤷🏾‍♂️

    I actually like vibing with the album all the way through.

    It’s different for both of them and I like how he didn’t make Beyonce a “hook girl”.

    An album full of knock off “upgrade u” remakes wouldn’t have worked.

    The problem is Beyonce has become bigger than Jay.

    He’s still respected no doubt but this isn’t really his generation of music anymore so it was smart to position Beyonce as the focus on the album.

  3. The album was a quick summer cash grab. Remember she got 3 mouths to feed now. I think the lemonade/4:44 gamble backfired a bit because the hive is primarily made up of women and gay men who have all at one point been scorned by a man and as a result internalize the cheating she endured. As a result they really ain’t here for Jay where he would otherwise be her loving mogul husband. As a history buff and having taking years of French classes I loved the visuals of APESHIT. As for the album it’s a decent pre-club, riding out joint so I feel it works for now. Friends should be the next single tho it got summer anthem all over it plus anyone can relate to it.

  4. Yeah I listened to the album and didn’t go back since.. It was decent but not something Id rush back to. I almost forgot that they released an album because my timeline barely had any mentions of it apart from those brain dead Bey stans who will swallow every fart she gives out to them. I also feel like its a little too late for this album. The best time to release it would be in 2014 during the first on the run tour because that was when they really made headlines because of the elevator incident and their marriage was looking rocky due to the media headlines. I like Apeshit and 713 because of the Dr Dre sample. I listened to the Migos’ demo version of APeshit and honestly that sounds way better.

    And honestly I just feel like Jay Z is using Beyonce to keep his name alive when truth be told, his time is up. He has had a good run. All of those Samsung deals used to sell his album because he knows people won’t rush to buy his albums was a big sign. This would have got more attention if it was a solo Beyonce album, Jay is dragging her down. Also, she needs to drop the trap beats. Just stop. This is the same woman who sang Halo & Love on Top. She is way better than this. When she releases these trap songs it honestly shows her age and desperate attempt at trying to stay “current”. Stick to your niche.

    I also read that the prediction sales for this album aren’t that impressive. Also to the previous comments, Beyonce usually takes 2-3 breaks between her albums anyway. Its just that she has huge star power so we feel like she’s always around. I feel like she might do another solo album for damage control if this album doesn’t do good numbers though.

    All in all the album was cool I guess.

    In other news, I like that new Nas album.

  5. Agreed. When you consider their individual abilities and talents, you expect so much more from their collaborative efforts but this was just ok. Nothing special or groundbreaking. I do not think the HIve is tired of Beyonce, they are just not as interested in the Jay Z part of her. I do not think she should leave him if she doesnt want to but she needs to tag him along musically. Jay is a legend no doubt about that but no one is really in the mood for him like they used to. The album sounds rushed like they’re trying to make a quick buck. I hope Bey stays away from this sound completely in the future. This is forgettable music

  6. Man I need break from both of them. Lemonade & 4:44 were both great. This right here is so average. Why is Bey trying to be a MC. Why are both attacking everybody. Jay mad because he didn’t win a Grammy. Are you kidding? You have 21.. The video to “APESHIT” was interesting and the exclusive track on Tidal called “SALUDI” was decent. Should’ve been on the album. I don’t need any Carters dropping anymore cds in 3 years

  7. Ugh ohh… Perhaps there may be more than meets the eye to this than her hive is able to cling to.

    I think it’s a very interesting observation and ironic, especially with title , “Everything is love” floating through the air.

  8. I liked it. Nothing spectacular but a nice way to end the trilogy and to add something to the new tour.
    After that, Beyoncé and Jay needs to take some time off. Something like 2-3 years.

    Maybe Bey needs to comeback with something unexpected, more grown up, a new tour more intimate.

    It’s time for her to go back to real R&B and stop doing trap music.

    People are giving her a hard time because she is everywhere but she is still great!

    Love your blog!
    New member from Europe (but longtime follower)

  9. I think the tide may have turned a little on Bey… your reaction is like many others that I have read on social media… people are not feeling it… so many comments like… we don’t care… stop forcing your husband on us… overrated… we need lemonade 2… we know you are not finished draggin Shawn’s ass… we are not that deep gurl…

    Then there was that clip at a recent concert with Bey doing the Blige step on stage…. you know the one Mary does to a grove… people saying Bey doing too much.

    1. ^when the hive member at my job told me how to listen on spotify,
      but then said:

      “i don’t really like it”

      …i knew something was up.

      i feel like there is a disconnect with this album.
      to me it’s trying to be deep,
      but it’s not.
      it sounds regurgitated.
      i can’t my finger on it,
      but there it has no soul.

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