Oops! Britney Released Another Album

Co8sK-mUEAEV-Lkso britney released her ninth album,

after this terrible video for the lead single,
“make me”


…i thought all hope was lost.
i lowkey wasn’t as interested.
well it seems the reviews are pretty positive.
i’ll ask the foxhole…

What’s the verdict on Britney’s new album?

i tend to like her music.
she is usually good pop fun.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Oops! Britney Released Another Album”

  1. Jamari, the album is pretty good. It’s a pop sound sprinkle with a hint of country…hint the title “Glory”. It’s one of her best.

  2. THIS IS A VERY, VERY GOOD ALBUM, Despite the Video or any other pre conceived notions. It will go down as one that shows growth and musical credibility. Its different and stronger than most albums by the performer. I enjoy all forms of music ( For the record) Smile

  3. It’s a good album. I would not venture to say it’s a drastic change for her because it’s very much pop and impersonal (like most of her albums). But overall its very consistent, cohesive, and fun. My favorite song is Just Luv Me, I hope she makes it a single. It’s worth a listen.

  4. It’s cool I guess… “Just Luv Me” is my SHIT THO!! I get on complete thot mode when I play that song

  5. Major improvement from the last album. Better production, more upbeat, and less digitized vocals. Can’t stop listening to Do You Want to Come Over.

  6. It has a few tracks I like, but I still think her best work is the “Blackout” album, which was SUPPOSED to be her big “comeback” release…but she fucked that up with that tired ass VMA performance of “Gimme More”. LOL

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