RIP To Dwyane Wade’s Cousin, Nykea Aldridge

HT_NYKEA1_DC_160827_12x5_1600everyone say “goodbye” to dwayne wade’s cousin,
nykea aldridge.
she was gunned down today in chicago.
dwyane was just talking about the gun violence in chicago yesterday on espn too.
abc news has the full story…

Police in Chicago are investigating the fatal shooting of the first cousin of NBA star Dwyane Wade.

Nykea Aldridge was pushing a stroller in the city’s Parkway Gardens neighborhood Friday afternoon when two men exchanged gunfire nearby, hitting her in the arm and the head, according to police. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Two people have been questioned in connection with the shooting but no charges have been filed, police said.

Aldridge, 32, was not the intended target, police said. A relative took custody of the child, who was not hurt, according to ABC station WLS-TV.

Wade, who was born in Chicago, signed with the Chicago Bulls this July in a move that was celebrated by the city as a homecoming. After news of his cousin’s death, he labeled the incident “senseless.”

Today, he took to Twitter and elaborated on comments he made on Friday.

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It is not the first time Wade’s family in Chicago has been touched by gun violence. His nephew, Darin Johnson, was shot twice in the leg in 2012 but recovered, according to The Associated Press.

Wade’s mother, Pastor Jolinda Wade, echoed her family’s pain while speaking to reporters Friday at the hospital.

We are now in a very, very sensitive grieving place,” she said while holding her sobbing sister Diana.

what the fuck is happening in chicago?
it is like a war zone out there.
so many have been murdered senselessly and it seems to be getting worse.
dwyane and his family are in my prayers.
for my foxhole who reside chicago,
please be safe out there.

article taken: abc news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “RIP To Dwyane Wade’s Cousin, Nykea Aldridge”

  1. So sad ,she had just relocated to that neighborhood and was walking to a school to register her kids.She was only 32 years old.

    There is a website called that keeps track of crime in Chicago.They have had over 2800 shootings,over 480 homicides and there is still four more months to the end of the year.Over July 4th weekend,they had 66 shootings.There are countries that haven’t had 66 shootings in a year,Hell in a decade.That site says there is a shooting in Chicago almost every two hours and a homicide every 11 hrs.Most of the victims are Black,most are males.It’s mind boggling.

    We have shootings here in Houston,maybe a couple dozen on a rare weekend but mostly less than dozen are reported in the news.I can’t even imagine having almost 40 almost shot almost every weekend in my city.

    RIP to all the victims of these senseless murders most of which are probably gang related.

  2. The answer to this is support, education, and resources. Instead of pushing these bullshit agendas and certain selfish programs, our educators and government should be educating the kids up until college about gun violence and safety. Also, have a hard push on TV to phase out guns in television and in school, television, and after school programs about gun awareness and the effects it can cause at an early age since children minds are like sponges and with repetition many of them will get the message.

    The jails should push heavy on gun education programs and job training and placement since many of the gun violence is done by repeat offenders. Many of the shooters come from poverty and/ or dysfunctional household, and we got to get the numbers up to help these people with food, tutoring, and give support. Also, we have to find teachers that are talented not just on paper but with students, that can be patient, supportive, and willing to be the change to get this process in effect.

    Also, to the different organizations that are tackling gun violence and black on black crime (their are plenty that many do not know about, but they are not given the media attention) we have to be willing to donate and offer our services if we are able to. It will be a process that will take some time, but with the right people we will be able to defeat this issue.

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