Mario Rodriguez Jr Does Madea (Blink)

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 1.30.09 PMit’s good to be a light skinned-ed and pretty wolf.
ask mario rodriguez jr.
mario has gone from collecting “likes” to cashing “movie checks”.
tyler perry,
who loves to give us “light skinnd-ed and pretty” in his productions,
casted mario in his upcoming flick:


i can’t even at the title…
well mario posted the good news on ( x his ig ).
here is the trailer

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 1.36.24 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 1.36.29 PM


giphyi may have missed his part,
but i’m sure we won’t miss him when he walks on the screen with no shirt.
Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 1.49.13 PM“boo! a madea halloween” hits theaters october 21st.

lowkey: it’s like…
he is so pretty,
he is too unattainable to get with.
so you kinda just say “eh” and admire in your fantasies.

*photo credited: mario rodriguez jr

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “Mario Rodriguez Jr Does Madea (Blink)”

  1. I must admit that Tyler Perry has good taste in men from Mario Rodriguez, William Levy, Shemar Moore & the list goes on & on. I wonder how many secrets are hidden in that forest.

    1. Of course they “audition,” Jamari. I’m sure you’ve heard of the infamous “casting couch,” correct? Every time I see one of these guys in a Tyler Perry production, I wonder if they think the juice was worth the squeeze, literally & figuratively.

  2. I’m pretty sure its not even a f-bi Tyler Perry’s shit is like a CIA. He always stay with a wolf in his flicks, known or unknown.

  3. Mario may look unattainable, but what’s crazy is that I’m sure his family sees him as basic. 😂 Isn’t that crazy? I also think this movie is going to be funny as hell. Definitely making this a family movie excursion

  4. “he is so pretty,
    he is too unattainable to get with.
    so you kinda just say “eh” and admire in your fantasies.”
    ^^ A sobering comment for some, but a reality many Black Gay men are forced to accept. Many of them place white and latino men on a level of idolatry only those with wings can dare reach. lol

      1. I forgot to tell you, but there are rumors that the actor who plays the white cop on HAHN is the father of Tika Sumpter’s baby.She won’t identify her baby daddy but says in time we will learn who he is.So we will see.

    1. Not a single one.
      None of the dudes he’s casted have gone on to be respectable leading actors.
      Tyler Perry projects are comparable to fast food…little nutritional value and processed.

  5. Tyler also casted the IG famous “man bun guy” Brock O’Hurn (Big 6’7 White Guy who looks like Tarzan) to be in his new series “Too Close To Home”. That man is definitely trolling IG LOL, no secret. He is paying these boys bills

    1. Most of these guys are auditioned at the gym Equinox in West Hollywood is where the Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry’s work out…Look Matt Cook he came from that gym….Dudes always nakked in that gym. All the models and actors and even fitness trainers go there. It’s a clearing house and safe haven. The fee is so expensive that the average Joe will not be up in there. There is trainer Donny was probably be in the next film…Also the guy named Bradon

      Mario in person is okay he photographed better than he looks.He is kinda soft…..He looks good but the pictures are just better to look at.

      1. Devon clearly knows whereof he speaks. West Hollywood is more discrete than Atlanta and less conflicted about what the deal is than NYC. Also, at $200 bucks a month, men whose only talent is being pretty probably already have a sponsor if that is where they are working out. Already having a sponsor gives those with loose lips the chance to fuck up long before they make the big leagues. Once TP gets a hold of them, they are generally priced out of range for the rest of us for a few years. But, they generally come back down the pay scale. I’ll wait Mario! 🙂

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