Apps For The “This Pineapple Trippin” Escape Plan

it’s not what your cell phone is,
it’s what you use it for.
i love my iphone,
but if you have a android,
then you should love that muthafucka.
so yesterday,
we ( x talked about that attentionista ) who was allegedly stranded in oregon.
she was a whole dumb ass,
but it really reinforced that being in the foxhole breeds a completely different animal.
listen i’m all for being ratchet,
but be ratchet and not a whole dumb ass.
so i mentioned in the entry the apps i have on my phone.
since i don’t have a car,
these apps are great for big cities with transit.
they are even better when you’re in a forest you ain’t never been before.
my “this pineapple trippin” escape plan apps.
i decided to break down my uses for them for foxhole review
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How “Smart” is Your Smartphone?

SMARTPHONEeveryone should have a smartphone nowadays.
i was surprised people only used their smartphones to:
make porno flicks,
watch porno flicks,
send dick/ass pics,
listen to music,
and play games.
you have this 700 dollar smartphone and you use it for basic shit?
that’s it?
nothing else?
siri and i be on some new new shit.
if people knew how to use their phones,
and realized it could help them enhance their lives,
they would be in a much better place.
so this is why i give my foxhole the power when i find out something amazing.
everyone else can burn.
after the last entry on me getting a credit card,
i wanted to update my people on great apps for your finances.
here goes…
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The Games People Play

today i made the move.
i gave into the temptation.
i finally did it…

…and i’m mad i did.
one of my favorite f-bi wolves hit me up in email to talk about peanut.
after that entry,
he knew i was feeling a little down.
after a verbal tongue lashing,
and a lot of laughs,
he actually cheered me up.
he suggested something that would keep my mind occupied.
oh has it.
has it!!!!….

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