The Games People Play

today i made the move.
i gave into the temptation.
i finally did it…

…and i’m mad i did.
one of my favorite f-bi wolves hit me up in email to talk about peanut.
after that entry,
he knew i was feeling a little down.
after a verbal tongue lashing,
and a lot of laughs,
he actually cheered me up.
he suggested something that would keep my mind occupied.
oh has it.
has it!!!!….

i downloaded:

gMfUXIB8c3KK8_usb3p4_at9Fxxf9UF0_bDDGPwXc8YUV3pc9jtdQ2EOspc7iF8dJL0=w705i know a ton of friends who are hooked.
i didn’t realize until i started playing:


it started out easy.
first couple of rounds,
a fox was doing good.
then this game flipped the script on me that i nearly threw my phone.

photo 4 copy 2before i run my blood pressure up,
i had to put my phone down.
it’s bad because then i pick it up to play again.
i don’t know if you guys are playing already,
but you guys try it out:

download options:

x iphone

x android

*you can also play it on your facebook account via computer.

5 thoughts on “The Games People Play

  1. Lmfao! I’m addicted to this game too! I downloaded on Monday and haven stopped playing. I was so easy until you have to remove of te damn jelly or the fruit to the bottom.

  2. I’ll try it out. Please tell me y’all play Ruzzle tho. Now that’s what can have you going crazy lol.

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