new yawk tough… until mother nature is on her period

new yawk is a tough city,
but it’s one of those states that can’t take too much damage with the weather.
we not like texas or florida up here.
any strong gust of wind and the national guard is called.
even with too much snow,
it can fuck us up.
new yawk is built for light mood swings by mother nature.
we can’t deal with her full-blown temper tantrums like how she do down south.
i knew it was gonna rain,
but i didn’t think it was gonna feel like i was in a whirlpool

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Alvin Bowen Needs A Modelling Job

remember him?

alvin-bowen-19that’s alvin bowen.
i spoke about him in entries past.
he is my new york neighbor,
new jersey wolf,
with a body i’d let smash.

he use to play for a whole bunch of teams,
but now he is a free agent.
he is still getting his modelling career on and well…

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The Games People Play

today i made the move.
i gave into the temptation.
i finally did it…

…and i’m mad i did.
one of my favorite f-bi wolves hit me up in email to talk about peanut.
after that entry,
he knew i was feeling a little down.
after a verbal tongue lashing,
and a lot of laughs,
he actually cheered me up.
he suggested something that would keep my mind occupied.
oh has it.
has it!!!!….

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“you can cum anytime baby…
seriously, it’s been 2 hours nigga.”

you ever been with an energizer wolf?
he keeps going and going…
you start feeling like you are about to start crying lol
you done did every position humanly possible.
it’s good…
…but he just won’t stop?


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f0XXX: The Stroke of Stupidity

when i say this wolf has the death stroke?????
cock, load, and ready to shoot…
…and he got brian mcknight playing in the background.
see that’s the type of shit to have a fox fucked up.

you can’t play brian with just anyone!

fuck around and cook him a 5 course meal WITH desert.
you think i wouldn’t…

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