Alvin Bowen Needs A Modelling Job

remember him?

alvin-bowen-19that’s alvin bowen.
i spoke about him in entries past.
he is my new york neighbor,
new jersey wolf,
with a body i’d let smash.

he use to play for a whole bunch of teams,
but now he is a free agent.
he is still getting his modelling career on and well…

tumblr_md1q7nHuN61qamybzo8_250whatever he is selling,
i’m buying.
is it the underwear?
is it the abs and pecs combo?
that v line?
i’ll take it.
free agent means alvin needs a job.
we like wolves with income here.
i know i have readers from all walks of life
especially in the entertainment industry.
would you cast alvin in anything?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Alvin Bowen Needs A Modelling Job

  1. Yea he has a nice nice body, but don’t like his facial features. However, most models have different facial features then most people.

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