Alvin Bowen Is Hard Meat

tumblr_mkoqa9345W1qk5j8to2_1280you know i love a little baller meat before bed.
this time it’s from foxhole favorite chocolate,
alvin bowen.
alvin is away playing football in for the cfl in calgary,
but that doesn’t mean we can admire the meat from afar right?…

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Alvin Bowen Needs A Modelling Job

remember him?

alvin-bowen-19that’s alvin bowen.
i spoke about him in entries past.
he is my new york neighbor,
new jersey wolf,
with a body i’d let smash.

he use to play for a whole bunch of teams,
but now he is a free agent.
he is still getting his modelling career on and well…

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Premium Meat of The Minute: Alvin Bowen

brown sugar babeee….

everyone knows i like chocolate.
so when i saw this baller wolf,
who was covered in chocolate,
i figured, “why not?“…

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