I’m Always Ready For The Down Lo

gayrapper_1im usually not,
but sometimes a fine one slips through the cracks.
this is about the new show john legend is developing!…

In a competitive situation, HBO has bought for development Down Lo, a drama project from singer-songwriter John Legend and producer-director Tony Krantz. Set in Miami’s South Beach, the edgy ensemble drama explores the intersection of three worlds — the party town’s popular music scene and sports and fashion circles. It deals with fame and secrets, with the stories told from multiple points of view. One of them will be that of a gay rapper living on the down low as homosexuality is still not readily accepted in the hip-hop community. (In an interview just this week, Snoop Dogg said he doubts that homosexuality will ever be accepted in the “masculine” rap world.) Down Lo also features top models as well as athletes with their penchant for big money, fast cars and beautiful women. Down Lo, which is expected to draw on Legend’s first-hand knowledge and great access to the music world, hails from Krantz’s Flame Ventures and Legend’s Get Lifted Film Co. It is being written by  playwright/scribe Seth Zvi Rosenfeld, who is executive producing with Krantz and Get Lifted’s Legend, Mike Jackson and Ty Stiklorius. Flame’s Reece Pearson serves as co-executive producer.


f49fca3ci’m ready for it.
sounds like a mature version of l.a complex.
you don’t understand how sad i was when they cancelled that show.

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john and tony:
make sure this is a rated r show.
i won’t stand for anything else.

lowkey: john and tony:
i would love to be involved in the casting for this rapper.

tumblr_m0x0m3YepV1r04bkyo1_500please contact me immediately.

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “I’m Always Ready For The Down Lo”

  1. WOW I have been reading a lot of negative comments about this project on Black Gay Blogs like Rod 2.0.They are saying enough with the DL storylines starting way back w E Lynn Harris books. They are saying these shows are perpetuating the myth or stereotype that most Black men are on the DL.It would be great to have a show with openly Gay Black couple like Noah ‘s Arc on HBO or even better on network tv.Anyone have any qualms with this show focusing on DL since it appears the only Gay character is on DL since it says the athletes and models will have fast cars and beautiful women?

  2. John Legend is speaking first hand, alright…. Will he talk about an R&B singer that has a beard and does a lot of philanthropy to cover his Down Lo actions….when he does that then I will watch

  3. Omg this was just what i needed i dont understand why they continue to produce genius shows such as noahs arc and La complex. Then demise them as soon as it gets juicy. Hopefully. Jamari you keep us posted!!!

  4. I’m watching it, especially since John Legend is making it. He seems creative, so I know it will keep me on my heels.

  5. Ok for LA:Complex Mature. maybe they should have gone with Showtime, they tend to be more supportive of shows with an underlying gay theme

  6. Hey what’s up with showing Kal kissing Obama(the lawyer) Where is Kal with his true love Tariq 🙂

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