Messy Queen War: The Cracked Peanut Strikes Back… Again.

090327FE-GK-SUMO695_t607he still trying to fight this?
he is getting tired because he’s losing.

no one likes him.
this little peanut possum doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone.
this time he does a video interview with wwtdd….


“you aren’t about to make me look like a fool…”
too late hoe.
he also said “sometimes it’s best to keep ya mouth shut…”

pot-kettle-black-by-john-takai-dreamstimeeveryone check the changes in his statement this time.
i thought you guys were dating in a month?
now its 3 1/2 months?
you slippin boo.
i love the decor in his house.
check the couch.
looks like he is back with his mama.
i can smell the dirt road and chicken shit from my computer.
i bet the applications and regret are on the table.
you lost peanut.
hang it up.
flat screen.


…and why he always talking about how good he got fucked?
this nigga is a broken record with that shit.

lowkey: i read from a source that my poor kerry is going through it!
he is depressed and covering his pain with alcohol and pills.
my prayers are with kerry right now.
i hope he has positive people around him to guide him out this test.
that is my biggest concern for him.
this is a test and this too he will pass.
he is doing well so far not talking.
alton had this on his instagram and i loved it:

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 10.40.46 AM

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

52 thoughts on “Messy Queen War: The Cracked Peanut Strikes Back… Again.”

  1. I couldn’t even watch the whole interview. I’m really over him. His time is up and it’s time to try and move on.
    Hopefully Kerry is doing better as the days pass along.

      1. I decided yesterday not to read or listen to any interview with that asshole. MTO claims someone is shopping a sextape with a current Miami Dolphin player with his underage boyfriend. How can you sell that its child porn if the guy was under 18,right? It’s illegal to watch or sell child porn so what is the point of shopping it around? If this is true I hope the player isn’t Black.

        1. ^this is the last entry peanut gets.

          we already exposed him for what he is.
          no need in bringing him more shine.
          he wants that attention from down on his farm and all.
          any other entry will be for kerry,
          or alton,
          and all the good they are doing to get back on their feet.
          as for mto,
          they are really messy and im surprised no one has sued them yet.

  2. This guy is a bottom feeder and will never be relevant on any level. He’s probably unemployable, so get ready because our tax dollars are going to be funding his EBT card.

  3. His voice alone makes me want to choke the shit out of him!!! He is below ghetto trash, he’s what I would call gutter!!!! What Kerry saw in this he/she thing is beyond me!! I’m team Kerry all the way. It doesn’t matter to me if he is gay or not, Kerry, you need to get your life back from this gutter, trash, bum bitch!!

  4. Off topic but says HBO and John Legend, a good friend of Kerry, are developing a project about a DL rapper set in Miami called Down Lo.Very interesting to me since I’m still upset LA Complex was cancelled.I’m optimistic about this since HBO did The Wire

  5. On Kerry’s Threats

    “First and foremost, you can’t make sure that I don’t say anything else because I’m going to say whatever the f*** I want to say. If you don’t like what I have to say then you should just chop my tongue off and give me a new one. And when I get a new one, I’m gonna talk then too. The only way you can keep me from talking is to throw me in the damn river and I can assure you that won’t happen. I may be gay but I’m still a boy and I can go with the best of them.”

    “Only way I’m going to stop talking is if I’m dead or I’m in the river. And if he throw me in the river, I can swim so he would have to kill me and then throw me in the river. If he just throws me in the river, I’m going to come out, hair wet and all, and ready to continue to talk about him. We all know that he can swim because he swum when he was in me, boo.”

    On Making Kerry Rhodes Relevant

    “He can make money off this. Before now, people didn’t even talk about Kerry. If you walked into a room and said, ‘Kerry Rhodes had a nice game’, the first thing the guys would say is ‘Who is that?’ If you walked into a room and said ‘Ray Lewis had a great game’ everybody knows who Ray Lewis is. I have really put him out there to make a little bit of money. It’s not like I’m trying to hurt him. I have really helped him because before now, nobody was even thinking about his ass. He can make money off of it. I hear Nike is looking for the first gay athlete and they’re going to pay him millions.”

    On Whether He Personally Outed Kerry

    “It was definitely [already] out just nobody was talking about it. The football players that played for Arizona have talked about it. It’s been talked about. I’m not ‘outing’ Kerry, Kerry outed himself when he was asked a question and he responded. The people who are saying I’m outing him should be happy if you’re a girl. If you run into him, now you know he likes boys so you won’t be playing yourself. I’m helping you b**** at the end of the day, if you think about it. I’m not outing Kerry. I’m helping the little groupies standing outside the gate. Thing about it, I wasn’t the little girl standing outside the gate, I was the girl inside the gate, getting in the truck with him with my red bottoms on.”

    And Just Because We Love A Good Hollywood One Liner

    “If you were not me, Kerry, my a**h*** or his d*ck, then you don’t not know what went on in the bedroom.”

  6. I over this J peanut got what he wanted he is now know as the man in kerry’s life now his current bf seems insignificant and peanut may have ensured the current ppl gets dump. Good job peanut and loving the high society living on that run down couch lmao

  7. Lol you can’t even take a comment that doesn’t correspond with you, your views and your thoughts? lol how do you function in the real world? You don’t agree with people who disagree with you? LOL I see how come u need this blog … u do this everytime anyone doesn’t AGREE with her majesty Queen Jamari

    1. So are you condoning this guys actions, Davon? What happen to right of privacy? This guy’s motives are purely ego driven. He was not unjustly wronged to go this hard against someone that he claims he was in love with & in a relationship for year. If you truly care about someone there should be some level of decency.

      1. Finally some sense that questions reasoning… I don’t “agree” or “disagree”. The topic is not whether I condone it or not. The topic is why the author can’t deal with sentiments that don’t agree with his. A guy being attractive, a methodology to things etc.. he doesn’t agree fine, but he takes it to a whole new level, calling it bullying and making me a highlight when I left sometimes a 2 word comment. I admit I said some wild shit b4, that’s past tho..

        (Purely objective) In this scenario both parties are at fault. It takes 2 to tango,kerry saw a flaming queen and pursued something with him. I’m sure there may have been signs that showed this guy was a kiss and tell, he went with it, he paid his price. The peanut guy Kiss and told, which for guys who hope to someday score “a baller”, is a bad “rep” for them. Since no one here (i assume), knows either of them. There is NO right to determine WHAT level of privacy they have. You’re simply going to be setting YOUR standards of privacy for them

        This guy’s motives are purely ego driven. (How do u know this? What if Kerry had promised him something before – marriage etc– that he did not fulfill? )
        He was not unjustly wronged to go this hard against someone that he claims he was in love with & in a relationship for year. (How do you know this? )

        . If you truly care about someone there should be some level of decency. Decency is subjective to …..
        (Your ideals about caring. Some people think if u care about ur parents u should put them in a nursing home /elderly home at the end of their life, i happen to believe that I should take care of them to death.. Does that mean the other person hated their parents? Who am I to say?)

        Do I support ‘peanut” – no he comes across to ME” (keyword) as an ugly ghetto flaming queen

        Do i support Kerry – No, he is just as guilty.

        Supporting Kerry because he is a “wolf” material (looks like even though u cant tell who is what in the sheets…..) is just stupid.

        Supporting Peanut because he’s the gay boy that got “used” by a DL celebrity is just stupid.

      2. @ DAVON I say this guy is purely ego driven by everything that he has presented about himself in video & in his interviews…especially his reasoning for coming forward. Remember, he stated that the only reason he came forward is because Kerry denied that he is gay therefore denying their relationship ever existed & calling him a liar. His ego was further irritated by the fact that Kerry’s current assistant called TMZ falsely claiming that it was him in the pictures. Also this guy’s ego, in general, is clearly inflated with or without this incident. He stated several times that he’s so “fabulous” and that “everybody loves him” that he is the perfect size (a 29w) etc etc etc. It’s clear that he thinks very highly of himself and being denied, even if indirectly by Kerry when he stated he is not gay to TMZ, was taken as a bruise to his own ego.

        In terms of decency, Kerry did a lot of great things for him according to his claim. He also is leading us to believe that he was in a serious relationship with this man with deep feelings involved. There is no remorse in his tone about anything he states about the privacy of there relationship. Many comments that he makes come across as gloating. He’s enjoying talking about all the gifts he received, the sex and other intimate details that even a couple that did not have any celebrity status would not openly share with friends or family.

        You can definitely argue that Kerry is at fault for ever entertaining this “messy queen,” but two wrongs do not justify ones actions over the other. No one should ever have their sexuality expose if they are not ready to do so. If he wanted to deny his sexuality that was his right to do so. Peanut made it about him. He felt some type of way because his ego was bruised and wanted payback.

      3. well in my defense i’ve never watched the videos except the clip of the one from facebook with him i na car. i only read this story here, like i said he’s nothing i feel like paying attention to so my questions are based off what ive read so far. You’re right about that forcing people out the closet.

      4. Okay well you might find answers to some of your questions by looking at all the information this guy has presented including the videos. The articles you are reading only include “quotes” or “highlights” from what he states in the full audio interviews.

  8. Sounds like a back handed compliment to me. Take out the queen, he said your majesty, which means he considers you to be royalty, which means he actually worships you so that means he is a peasant. He keeps commenting every day so obviously he under your ruler ship. You should thank him for keeping your relevant. You keep winning so of course you will have haters. Block him or ignore him. This comes with the territory.

  9. stop playing victim and respond to the question. Why do u delete comments that don’t (re)-echo your sentiments?

    1. Sir seriously? It’s his site!!!!!!! He can do what he wants. If you don’t like it, why are you even here? Are you straight? You called him a batty boy up there.

  10. We love you Jamari. The opinion of one doesn’t matter, it’s the opinion of most, unless you are like me who doesn’t care what ppl think.

    1. ^i don’t get it.
      there are so many people who have come on here and have not agreed.
      hell there are entries you have not agreed with me or my opinion.
      i never blocked you.
      i block him because he is disrespectful as fuck.
      i don’t want to deal with that so I block him.
      is that wrong?

  11. There are inherent risk in living a lie. You always have to remember that the other person in a relationship can always speak out. K. Rhodes should of had this peanut sign a confidentiality agreement (he did not) or he should have got with someone who had a lot to lose. K. Rhodes did neither and is paying the price as a result. Rhodes should have made his secret a top priority. That ain’t nobody’s fault but his own.

    1. Hey girl. You think you could hook a bitch up with one of your frat brothers. I know you Queen Helene round dem parts, but a bitch needs a man. You talking all this shit and spilling the beans. Who you let beat them guts in your line?

      1. Well you know what? If you was getting some dick on a regular, you wouldn’t be on the Internet bitching like a lonely bitter queen. You not giving them enough leg in them step shows guhl? Why not you with your bros on a Friday anyway? Shouldn’t you be out trolling for pussy? Well wait you haven’t seen a pussy since you came out one. Silly me.

      2. Dumbass I’m at work and I work till late tonight AFTER which I’m out with my bros downtown, if you knew what pussy actually looked like then maybe we kould have that convo, but since u think ur ass is what pussy is then yeah we not going there, n PLEASE get off my dick.

      3. What dick are you refering too? Help me understand? And why you not working Miss D? Why is you lying in here? Your tea was clocked. You know you home at your parent’s house.

      4. K you’re getting annoying. Tea, clocked, girl.. Ugh faggy

        Listen fool, I’m at work. When I’m at home I’m at home. Who lies about being at work? What is there to lie about in working? Is that a good thing?

      5. Then bitch take yo ass to work! Slacking ass. Someone tell his manager he is starting shit online and not helping those customers in aisle 15.

    2. And one last thing Davonca… As a gay man, calling gay men fags when they dont agree with you doesn’t make
      you any more or less straight. You stay trying it. You suck dick and get fucked like the rest of us and If I catch you disrespecting gays again on any other website, ima drag that pretty little wavy wig off that head.

  12. I don’t know why y’all let Miss Davonna get yah blood pressure up. Miss D has been pulling these stunts and shows on Worldstarhiphop and Myvidster. Thats how I found out about this site. She was talking shit about it in a comment under one of the videos to someone. She is going to play the victim card, and then she is going to write an essay in perfect English, and then she is going to be bitch on her rag. She is bipolar and she doesn’t respect you Jamari. She is a bitter cunt who talks shit on the Internet because she is mad at the world. This subject has obviously struck a nerve in her. Hit dogs will holler? The lady protests too much? She is offended you are dragging Miss Peanut to filth because you are really dragging her. It’s all common sense really.

    Lady D we are tired of your shit. We are tired of you. You don’t like this blog or the person behind it so why bring yourself back? Like clockwork? Then got the to call him a queen. Bay bayyyyyyy you need to go look in the mirror and slap the first person who shows up.

    1. I’ll hit on this once and for all. \
      This is simple. People post online all the time. I see it this way if I can’t say it to you in person, why bother say it online, I like to see a reaction in person, u can’t tell a facial expression online.

      1. Jamari writes well. I like his blog, i disagree with some things.

      2. I don’t agree I say my mind. It’s a free world. U don’t like what I have to say, be free to do the same.

      3, This peanut case…smh. I don’t know any of them SIR. I don’t “agree/disagree” with any of them, U all always want me to SIDE with someone.

      4. Why do i have to like/dislike someone , have something similar /be a hit dog/ struck a nerve etc to say hey XYZ don’t add up or that shit is wack. You don’t like white dudes, means they struck a nerve etc? You can’t not just prefer them? Y’all gonna have to chill. Why am i singled out? My comment STRUCK a nerve? Why get SOO fixated on that ONE person’s comment? Tiny words compared to the post. SMH I can’t win. I say I like XYZ it’s Oh guess who likes XYZ.. I say I don’t and it’s Oh so u don’t like what Jamari likes why u say anything, I don’t say anything and it’s Oh guess who hasn’t said anything

      5. I say what I feel like when I want to where I want to. This site links me up with whats up with your culture.

      1. This site links you to your culture? Guhl please. Stop with the pseudo cultured act. Your reputation for being ignorant is on every other site you grace. You act like I haven’t seen you in action. BTW: I love this perfect English when you feel the need to explain yourself when you get a good dragging. That college degree is working out for you.

      2. …..I feel like when I want to where I want to. This site links me up with whats up with “your” culture.

        NOT (MY).. in GAY CULTURE. I’m done replying u foo

      3. I was going to stay out of this, but I have something to say. If it’s “our” culture and not”your” culture” then you should be trying to drop knowledge on us about “our” culture because you know nothing about it. It’s like a straight man telling us about “our” lifestyle, which is impossible. It’s many curious guys probably lurking on here, and they can’t comment because they know nothing about the life and they can’t tell us shit about “our” lifestyle until they satisfy their curiosity. You have a lot to say about “our culture” for a person who is not gay. Not arguing, but the others can see my point.

        #niggas in denial

  13. I see a certain nigga getting that 5 inch dick over dollar bill attention he desperately needs to function on the daily lmfao.

    “For the Love of God!! Look at me goddammit!!!!”

    trollin will never be easy.

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