you are a ___________.
pick a profession that involves you being in the public eye
or you have great recognition in your career.
either way,
you aren’t out of the closet because of this field.
your close people you trust know about you,
but your family and co-workers don’t.
you want to keep your profession and dating life separate.
you have been dating him:

tumblr_ml2vocrpo41qbmwkbo1_500for a year.
he is an aspiring model/actor,
but he works as your accountant/manager.
he went to school for it.
it was serious.
well you found out…

he was stealing money from you and you dropped him.
you gave him everything,
yet he still stole from you.
ya’ll had an argument and his final words to you was:

i got chu nigga

you woke up the next morning to a blown up phone.
he outed out.
he put semi-intimate pictures of you both online.
he is also saying you gave him an STD.
you didn’t.this nigga is playing the victim card and used your sexuality as leverage.
the blogs are starting to pick the story up.
he is even thinking of doing an interview.


how would you feel in that moment?
what would you do?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “WHEN WE ROLE PLAY: (58)”

  1. Well, I don’t think I would have ‘fired’ him. As soon as I discovered what was happening, I would go my lawyer and seek his/her advice. If necessary let them carry out any investigation (while still tapping it). That’s what I would do weather I was dating him or not. Their are certain rules to ‘firing’ people here in the UK, and more than being outed can come back on you.

  2. Contact my lawyer and file a suit for defamation and slander. He should have proof of an STD: a doctor’s note, a prescription, something. Also, I file a suit for theft. I make all of that public.

    Once you catch someone up in one lie in the court of public opinion, they’re no longer a source of reliable information.

    Once he’s found guilty, I schedule an interview with Oprah and talk about how the ordeal has traumatized me. I also write a book and get my royalties from that.

    My career will not only be back on track, but bigger than ever.

      1. He’ll get through it if he’s smart about it. He’s been quiet thus far, so I would hope he’s setting his dominos up.

    1. I’ll fuck him over. I ain’t neva scared lol.

      Nah, I like Random. I can tell he doesn’t take shit.

  3. My gut would tell me to find that nigga and beat his ass until he is black and blue lol.

    I’ll just settle for the legal way tho.

  4. What is this MASSIVE obsession at the moment for AN ATHLETE to COME OUT in sport? Can someone PLEASE tell me! Because I feel like NO ONE going to come out due to ALL the drama that is INVOLVED! I feel SPORT AND HOMOSEXUALITY has been built up to become WORLD’S APART! AND Although PEANUT handled it in a NEGATIVE way, KERRY RHODES denied him! I SAY PUT PEANUT AS A WOMAN AND NO ONE WILL CARE! WHAT HAPPENS IF PEANUT WAS A WOMAN outing her husband, NO ONE WOULD CARE! WHAT HAPPENS IF PEANUT WAS MASCULINE! NO ONE WOULD CARE!

    Although PEANUT wants to be famous ya-di-ya-da, if KERRY said ‘I LOVE YOU’ and hosted him in his home- ya di- ya – da who was duping who? DENY him in public and fuck him in private? It just how this situation is perceived, i feel its wrong on both teams, but just how PEANUT is he is magnified and objectified.

    1. Now hold up for a second man. A woman outing her husband is not the same. If a woman outed her downlow husband it’s because she needs to. Downlow men deserved to be outed because they are a risk. They are married or in relationships with women and having sex with men, and more than likely they are having unprotected sex with the women they are with, and their women don’t know if they are having protected sex with those men, more than likely they aren’t. I don’t care what anyone says, the chances of catching STD’s are higher in homosexual men, it’ is a fact, statistics prove it. I remember when I said that before, a lot of people got on me, and that’s only because I was stepping on their toes, in other words they have raw relations and don’t want to hear the truth. Outing downlow men serves as a warning to all women, it’s some nasty DL men out there. I don’t care what any of you say, putting a dick in an ass without a condom, and then doing the same to a woman’s pussy is nasty and disgusting, think of all the bateria that woman is getting. You can get all sorts of bacteria infections from fucking men raw in the ass. No matter how much you clean, the bacteria is still there, feces bacteria.

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