new yawk tough… until mother nature is on her period

new yawk is a tough city,
but it’s one of those states that can’t take too much damage with the weather.
we not like texas or florida up here.
any strong gust of wind and the national guard is called.
even with too much snow,
it can fuck us up.
new yawk is built for light mood swings by mother nature.
we can’t deal with her full-blown temper tantrums like how she do down south.
i knew it was gonna rain,
but i didn’t think it was gonna feel like i was in a whirlpool

i looked out my window and was like wtf?????
my phone kept going off that there were flash floods and tornado warnings.
it usually does that once,
but when it kept going off 10 times in a row

i was like,
here i am with a light fridge with hopes and dreams.
if this shit goes completely south,
i’m kinda fucked.
even though i know the chinese delivery man be like the mailman.

or Snow,
they be ready tah go.

i’m grateful this storm didn’t kill my shit.
my hood had light flooding,
but nothing too crazy.
the rest of the city tho…


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stay up.

lowkey: imagine being on the train and them telling you to evacuate in a tunnel.
lose my shit meet jamari fox.

10 thoughts on “new yawk tough… until mother nature is on her period

  1. Try living in New Orleans,Louisiana. A piece of my ceiling in my room is gone. Water leaked from the roof to the upstairs room to my room. We had to pay guys to put tarps on the the roof. Internet,cells and cable were all out.They all are back in service for now. I felt like leaving and going back to the Atl. Thanks Jamari for your blog.

  2. And just think….that wasn’t even a full strength tropical storm/hurricane. It was a storm that once again, like Sandy, hit at the right time in addition to having steady torrential rain. Sandy was a glancing blow as well, but if we ever get hit by a head-on full-strength storm…we are fucked. The aftermath of Sandy and Ida just shows it.

  3. My building hallway got flooded, but thank God I live on the 2nd floor. I know some people who lost basically everything.

    1. ^that is so crazy.
      glad you are safe.

      rip to those who didn’t make it.
      i’m still mystified how this hit us.
      this literally came outta nowhere.

  4. I’m watching CNN right now they are reporting at least 46 people killed in the Northeast from floodwaters caused by Ida.Just two days ago I was talking to my aunt about how only a few people died from Hurricane Ida in Louisiana and Mississippi even though there was a lot of property damage and power outages.I never imagined that it would cause on this human loss in NJ,NY,Penn.,etc.
    Prayers to everyone impacted by this storm in the South and in the Northeast.

    1. ^yeah it hit us up north hard.
      the problem i’m having is i felt no one warned us.
      they said it was gonna rain but not to the extent to how it came down.

      maybe i was in a bubble and didn’t listen to the news.

  5. Heartbreaking . Praying for you and all those involved.

    We have been warned for decades . Remember the OZONE ??( Google stories from the 1970’s and 1980’s )

    I live here in Michigan and each rain fall gets worse and worse! Freeways, Houses and Roads become rivers and death traps! It doesn’t just rain anymore its a deluge of apocalyptical flooding.

    I believe this is why Jeff Benzo, Elon Musk , China and the rest are trying to get to Mars. The secretly realize that its too late for Mother Earth and her citizens. All these idiots are gonna do is Fuck up that planet too!(sad)

    There is no turning back

  6. Gobal reset, boy that subway look like a Six flag waterpark. I couldn’t believe those cars were bobbling in the water; I bet the insurance companies will be writing off alot of total loss claims by the thousands.

    1. ^oh today is a mess.
      folks i know are stranded in various places.
      the trains are all fucked up.
      ny isn’t in a good spot today.

      i’m sure this won’t effect labor day weekend.

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