lynching is not a fashion statement darling

this is a horror.
this is a tragedy.
this is a reminder.
this is not a fashion statement.
it was to the white slave masters back in the day,
slave masters use to send these pics as christmas cards to their family members.
pregnant female slaves were hung and their stomachs were cut open to see who died first.
families of slaves would be forced to watch their relatives die slowly as they hung from the trees.
abel meeropol wrote the poem “strange fruit“,
which billie holiday sung originally in 1939,
was ( x about the lynching we endured ):


ye used the song on one of his past songs:


remember ^this one said slavery was a choice.
a foxholer sent me the following “fashion statement” the other day…

imagine wearing that shit to a job interview for a corporate job?

why is he skinnin’ and grinnin’ like this was a brilliant decision?
i hope he isn’t the brains behind this nonsense.
if he is the model for the fuckery,
i would have declined the offer.
a noose around your neck as a tie isn’t a badge of honor.
it’s a source of pain and a constant reminder of the lynching of black people,
then and even now.
( x the story of frank embree is the one of many stories )
some people truly continue to baffle me.
i know i’m not perfect but i couldn’t even imagine cosigning some shit like this.

Some white and black folks love living happily in their ignorance.

they say and do shit without giving proper thought,
but when they get backlash and a foot up the ass,
they’re confused as to why.

lowkey: when some white jackals say their freedom is being taken away by wearing a mask,
it reallllllllly bugs me.
it makes me want to throw paws tbh.
how dare THEY talk about freedom being taken away from anyone.

13 thoughts on “lynching is not a fashion statement darling

  1. I am carefree about these weird fashion choices. I totally get why people would be offended but because of where I was raised and my ancestry I have no connection to lynchings. That is not to say that I wouldn’t have been lynched if I was transported to this location and era but I am not apart of that world, to be honest my existance is pretty impossible at that time. I see nooses as a symbol of criminal execution, pirates and to a lesser extent suicide.

    Honesty at first glance I thought it was badass but reading about how you feel about it, I am now quite turned off by it. I am going to guess it was ignorance since I think they are from some African country and this may be a small african tribe’s cultural fashion.

  2. Kanye has been a slow baked pan of hot shit for a 100 cat and dog years. I am goose eyed mystified why Black America continues to humor this Bedlam Betty Assed Demon Spawn. He gives zero damns about African Americans, yet he gets free press and plugs each time he squawks that nonsense. Dummies keep buying that tasteless garbage he designs. You cannot buy class, chic or brains. He is narcissistic, fame obsessed and shallow. Bitch Be Gone Spray will squelch this roach into oblivion if folks shut down and ignore her. I mean seriously, Chrisette Michele is REALLY talented and THE CULTURAL CANCELLORS still haven’t welcomed her back for singing for Captain Macaroni Baloney Ass Trump. Kanye is a bug with wings, “Fly high and Fly On, Booski.👏Damn I wrote that.👏PS👁️❤️reading this. 👏

  3. Those lynching pics are so harrowing to see. Unfortunately they are not just of the past since they do still occur in this day & age unfortunately.

    I like that Billie original, it’s very emotional but I much prefer Nina Simone’s cover of it. It’s much more expansive sounding. Kanye fucked it up by speeding it up in his song as only he can fuck things up lol. I have a like/hate relationship to him & his music. I try to ignore what he does as much as I can but he’s such a drama queen he makes it so difficult. I do like some of his music though. Loved his 808 album.

    That noose tie. JFC, what idiots! ‘Yes, let’s wear a symbol of death & extreme racism to remind all those around us all day long of the lynching horrors that occurred on the regular way back when.’ I get the intention but SMH, it’s just too extreme. It’s always the extremists who end up moving the needle forward in history though.

  4. What’s crazy, even tho that was back then, just recently, two men were found dead hung from a tree in California. Another was found in Houston. A total of 4 black people were found dead hanging from a tree with a noose. I’m not going to even acknowledge Juicy Smoothie situation. That shit didn’t even sound reasonable coming from somebody who lives in Chicago. There is no way anybody in their right mind is going to Subway for a sandwich when the temperature is negative 20 degrees below zero.

    Kanye, he needs some professional help and nobody is even trying. The man lived in a jail type room of the Mercedes Benz Stadium and paid them $1 Mil a day. When he clearly has 2 homes with a studio in each. He wants to legally change his name to Ye. I don’t know what type of “Get Out” voodoo them Kardashians have but it definitely is something. Look what happened to Lamar Odom. Soon as he got away he got better.

    1. ^i have a really hard time listening to kanye tbh.
      when i’m turned off,
      it’s really hard to turn me back on.

      he is pretty low vibrational tho.

      1. Kanye lost me when he was on national television hyping up Donald Trump like he was some kind of God. THAT was the point I turned him off and deleted his music from my library. I cannot in any way, shape or form support someone so foolishly blind. And Trump was eating that shyt up, sitting there with that shit-eating grin on his orange face.
        When he said slavery was a choice..that sealed the lid.

  5. Brilliant post. Well done, sir. America WILL NOT SURVIVE if it doesn’t atone for its sins of White Supremacy, genocide, slavery and institutionalized racism.

  6. It’s a lot of post racial black people that love engaging in stuff like this to show that racism, in their minds, is dead. I’m sure the I’m not black I’m human folks are going to definitely vibe w/ this (The Cndice Oens if you will)

  7. Okay to play devils advocate the designer is from Africa (I’m not sure which country) and we all know that Africans are not that aware or even care about the history and struggles of AFRICAN AMERICANS in Amerikkka!!

  8. Kanye West is simply the Booker T Washington of the day. Booker T Washington is the Officiating Tom of segregation.

  9. WTH?? The fashion industry has been pushing this post slavery look for a while now. It started out with those railroad spike rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. I thought our people would catch on and not buy it into the trend. But, it kept gaining notoriety. This is just disgraceful.

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