lynching is not a fashion statement darling

this is a horror.
this is a tragedy.
this is a reminder.
this is not a fashion statement.
it was to the white slave masters back in the day,
slave masters use to send these pics as christmas cards to their family members.
pregnant female slaves were hung and their stomachs were cut open to see who died first.
families of slaves would be forced to watch their relatives die slowly as they hung from the trees.
abel meeropol wrote the poem “strange fruit“,
which billie holiday sung originally in 1939,
was ( x about the lynching we endured ):


ye used the song on one of his past songs:


remember ^this one said slavery was a choice.
a foxholer sent me the following “fashion statement” the other day…

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“Slavery Was A Choice,” Kanye Said, As He Packs His Bags To Banishment

you know how shocked i was when the “poopity scoop poop” song was in my spotify new releases?
btdubs: janelle monae’s “dirty computer” is allowed.
so i’m not gonna take too much font time on kanye.
his “slavery was a choice” rant today at tmz was…
take a look…
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I Don’t Care About Slavery

untitled1well i didn’t say it!
steve harvey did.
on his talk show as a matter of fact.
the question to him from an older snow bunny was:

“i am not a history buff,
but the people around me are.
how do escape conversations about history that go over my head?”

in a nutshell.
well this is what he replied to her…
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Will You Be Going To See “12 Years A Slave”?

tumblr_m8mf9cw4SC1rqfdzgo1_500what is up with all these slave movies?
django dun opened the flood gates?
i just watched this trailer for “12 years a slave”.
i won’t lie it got me.
i don’t like slave movies because it hurts to know what “we” went though,
but this looks interesting…

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