“Slavery Was A Choice,” Kanye Said, As He Packs His Bags To Banishment

you know how shocked i was when the “poopity scoop poop” song was in my spotify new releases?
btdubs: janelle monae’s “dirty computer” is allowed.
so i’m not gonna take too much font time on kanye.
his “slavery was a choice” rant today at tmz was…
take a look…

harvey face is like,
“you’re doing well sweetie…”.
he saiiiiiiid that the universe told him to share that.
i hollered.
the universe needs to stop talking to him then.

van dead dragged him all the way to front street.
he also talked about getting lipo and his addictions:

he is exhausting.
i’m sure kim is just as crazy or lives somewhere else.
i don’t understand the end game,
but there is no logic with the mentally ill.
i often wonder if he hadn’t have done this:

…would he have turned out differently?

lowkey: i wonder what does riccardo think?

7 thoughts on ““Slavery Was A Choice,” Kanye Said, As He Packs His Bags To Banishment

  1. We have to look at the bigger picture here. Just because we all may share the same skin doesn’t mean we all have the same path or need to be lead by the same cause.

    We are not a hive, we are individuals and unique.

    He MAY be on to something in hindsight…Slavery is a choice..you can endure it or you can rebel and break free from it. Just ask the Native Americans and Black forefathers. You may lose brothers and sisters along the way but you have to fight for your freedom, so yes, slavery is a choice.

    Interestingly, many people are still slaves mentally to this very day: black, white and so forth.

    Now I’m not saying Trump isn’t an idiot in his ways or anything. I was just setting the cover aside for a moment to shift a negative situation into a positive mindset to move forward.

    We also should be careful about the woke movement. SOME folks say they are woke but in reality they are sleepwalking.

    I say some of us start planning accordingly for the things to come but make sure you cover your tracks.

    1. I don’t think he’s on to anything. I think it’s the ramblings of a confused, tormented individual.

      When you put guns to a persons head or kill their loved ones and tell them the same will happen to them if they don’t do as they are told, it is a choice…a choice to live. These people did not happily jump on a boat (slave-ship) BY CHOICE, say ok I’ll wear chains to our destination and live in cramped, disgusting living quarters. They could’ve fought for their freedom, but they would’ve lost, and lost big time. Not to say they dind’t probably try, but for those who did, the fear of the same thing happening to them probably held them back.

      It’s not slavery per se, it’s a necessity. If you don’t work, you don’t have the ability to put a roof over your head, food on the table, and clothes on your back.

  2. I love me some Van. You can tell he wanted to fucked Kanye’s ass up!

  3. I think there truly is a deeper issue. This reminds me of Mariah’s TRL breakdown. Or many of MJ’s exploits. Something to do with the pressures of fame and a trigger (mom passing) is causing him to lash out and behave and speak this way. This will not end well.

  4. He’s a proven Uncle Tom. Please ban him and the whole Kardashian clan from insidejamarifox.com . Thank you.

    Buying Kanye West music is a choice. Don’t do it. Featuring the Kardashian clan on insidejamarifox.com is a choice. Don’t do it. Thank you.

  5. I’m done with this asshole.
    I can careless what happen to him from and to the end of time.

  6. What a Fucking Ass. He clearly has stopped taking his meds. Between he and Trump I don’t who is smarter. What. A. Fucking . Ass. This. Man. Is.

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