So I Watched “Avengers: Infinity War” and Well…

there i was crying in yet another movie again.
this might be a habit now.
i didn’t feel so bad this time because others were weeping.
the comic book fanboys were legit in tears tonight.
 “avengers: infinity war” movie was intense.
it was like a roller coaster.
i came home way too late,
but i wanted to update the foxhole with some “spoiler lite” thoughts

– i ate something that did not agree with me at lunch.
the movie started at 7pm and i was feeling sick by 5pm.
the commute to the movie was hell,
but i made it without any incidents.
as soon as i sat down in the theater,
the smell of food made me so nauseous.
thank God i had my handy dandy “stomach issue” kit in my bag.
by the time the movie started,
i was feeling better.
i contemplated leaving,
but ya fox is sk-rong.
i was GOING to watch that movie tonight.

-i was smart on getting the pre sale ticket.
next time,
i’ll remember NOT to stand in line smh.

– i forgot so much of what was happening.
i seriously needed a reference guide at times.

thor is sexy af.
is it bad to say i thought thanos was sexy too?
in a twisted way,
he showed a little bit of humility for his sins.
it also helped his arms were like two bazookas.

-i love the signature music that’s associated with wakanda.
starts @ 1:10

it gives me good energy.
i hate that wakanda isn’t a real place.

– i was shocked when all the white folks cheered when wakanda popped up.
the crowd damn near erupted and it gave me crazy chills.

dr stange and his powers >>>>
i may need to watch that movie

tony stark‘s smart ass attitude and sex appeal + steve rogers physical …
pre cum overload.

– i love spiderman

thanos is a bad muthafucka.
he put them all to work up in space

– every fight scene,
i had long tears rolling down my face.
the whole wakanda fight scene gave me every lasting life

m’baku and that damn chanting…
pre cum started dripping

that okoye/black widow  team up on that blue haired demon?

i’ve decided i want a super power

– spiderman made me lose it at the end tho.
his speech before…

why did i feel like it was thanos movie?

the movie was excellent.
i needed a moment to process my thoughts.
there was so much going on.
it had the right amount of action and comedy.
my only gripe was the ending.
i didn’t understand why most of the characters…
that’s the part i can’t give away.
i really want to font about it with the foxhole tho!
i have a question or two.

low-key: i’m getting the hang of going to the movies alone.
i hate going by myself,
but it is what it is.
the snow wolf in the chair next to me was talking to me before the movie started.
i can’t say that i didn’t enjoy myself.

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11 thoughts on “So I Watched “Avengers: Infinity War” and Well…

  1. I LOVED this movie! It was good especially considering how many characters that they had to fit in. And it was most definitely written to be a Thanos movie. Even the writers commented on it in interviews apparently. Always go pre-sale with big movies like this. Fandango is a good one to go with.

    But let me tell y’all about this damn experience going to see this movie. So we go see it opening night and as you would expect the theater is packed. When the movie comes on everybody (including me) starts clapping and cheering. Not even an hour into it the movie just stops. When I say that people was mad, I mean HEATED! People was yelling and cussing up a storm. One person was yelling about waiting 10 years to see this. Others talking about how they ain’t got time for this cause they have to be at work in the morning (it was 10 o’clock on Thursday night). A lot of people left and a lot were crowding around the one poor attendant that was in the theater. One of the black women working the concession stands told us to go downstairs and complain to get a refund, then come back and watch the movie. They eventually put the movie back on after about half an hour but they had to rewind it far enough that my people were able to wait in the long refund line and not miss much. But that theater had a lot less people in there. Still great movie (and on them too).

  2. Robert Downey is short than I thought. I met him on the set of Spiderman Homecoming. I got booked for 12 days on Avengers as an Indian Cab Driver lol. I love Marvel films. I’m so ready for Spiderman Homecoming 2 and Black Panther 2 to start filming here in ATLANTA. Most most favorite character is T’Challa at this point. He was so cool set. I’m so ready to start filming again. Atlanta is the place to be.

  3. I have never seen a movie by myself. I think this will probably the one i see. Everyone is saying that this movie is really emotional. Its because the past 10 years have been building up to this movie and the next Avengers film.

  4. I am still shook. The all female fight scene where they came to the rescue of Scarlet Witch was everything I needed. Also Peter & Bucky took me OUT!

  5. I love going to the movies by myself!! You dont have to wait on anybody else and can get there on time or early. And it breaks the notion that you need someone to go to the movies with. You dont need someone to go with you everywhere.

  6. Of all the things to do “by yourself”, going to the movies I find the easiest. Once you get to the theatre you’re not alone, you can see the movies YOU want AND as another poster said you can get there on time. That’s important for me because I like to see Maria Menudos AND the trailers LOL……

  7. I really loved this movie I think the big moment that they’ve been leading up to really worked well and it shows that the MCU is going in the right direction. I can’t wait to see captain marvel 2019 hopefully she & infinity wars pt. 2 continues the growth that marvel is presenting.

    This movie definitely tried to make my grown double water sign ass cry and I was not having that. lol

  8. Another one of these movies huh… Lord. I had a buddy give me the spoiler because I’m not a superhero [Marvel] movie fan and he asked me before hand and I was hoping that this was the last one but he told me well there’s still another Ant-Man and Captain Marvel and I’m like Aww shyt. The fact none of them actually [spoiler] in other universes makes this pretty much meh & not that dramatic.

    Something interesting though. Have you noticed that Marvel makes decent movies but have horrible TV series and that DC has horrible movies but makes better TV series then Marvel does?

    We’re leaving Fantastic Four out of this for the moment.

    I know I’m asking for trouble coming in bashing Marvel but I mean is anyone ready for this new HellBoy movie that’s coming out..? That will be the highlight since they have decided to make it Rated R and stick close to the comics and fans of Dark horse… already know what’s up with that…

    And J, about going to the movies alone. Why is that so awkward? If I go to the movies it’s like a week after it has premiered because I don’t do large crowds and I like to watch with noises of other folks around.

    When I go see Jurassic World, I’m waiting like a week or two afterwards.

    1. Ant Man
      Captain Marvel
      Spiderman 2
      Black Panther 2
      Dr. Strange 2
      guardians 3
      Avengers 4
      You already know that stuff that happened permanent.

      And the head of Marvel said he didn’t know if they would ever stop making them.

      Plus, Disney is about to acquire fox, so they get back:
      Fantastic 4
      the x men
      So they have a long, long way to go before this comic train slows down.

  9. I just saw it today… That movie was amazing!!!!! I’m not as caught up with all of the movies as I’d like to be but this movie has me wanting to see the rest of them now. (Kinda like watching the harry potter movies out of order and wondering who the characters are and why they’re important to this part of the story lol)….

    I thought all the guys we sexy in their own way (all that confidence). And I like how they explained and humanized Thanos. And yes…. I was thinking the same thing about Thanos! I was like, “Is it just me or is Thanos kinda hot?”

  10. Side note…did you notice that love was the downfall for all of them except Thanos, who regardless of his love was willing to sacrifice his own.

    Scarlets love for Vision which negatively impacted Dr. Strange decision
    Quills love for Gamora on TWO occasions
    Gamora’s love for her sister

    Man this was a good ass movie

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