lil nas x is due to deliver a hit album after a long labor (of love?)

i think we have to accept that lil nas x is going to be a troll.
ever since he took off that cowboy hat,
he has been on one,
and four.
a majority of it has been entertaining while a few instances left me scratching my head.
he is coming out with his album,
on september 17th.
he debuted the album cover:


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but he went as far as to do this for “people“…


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with this as a bonus shot:

my home-wolf sent me a text earlier about it talmbout “he is tweaking“.
the straights can’t drag lnx too hard when prince (rip) had an album cover like this:

that being fonted,
i’m not shocked by anything lnx does.

I’d be shocked if he opened an Onlyfans and got smashed by Rhyheim Shabazz.

i’m all for the antics and trolling the straights but i hope they don’t get stale.
after a while,
it can become too much shock value and it could turn folks off.
i’m sure lnx knows wtf he is doing tho.

you can listen to “montero” on september 17th when it drops out of lnx.

lowkey: i love folks who stir the pot.
i hope his album is good for all this stirring tho.
i’m only feeling “industry baby”.

13 thoughts on “lil nas x is due to deliver a hit album after a long labor (of love?)

  1. I just hope that he is able to open some doors for black, gay talent in a way that others have not. Once all the novelty is said and done. I do hope that’s his true legacy…

  2. I wonder is it genetic memory. The black man’s booty hole has been on display in the Americas throughout colonization.

    Slavers checked the booty hole for purchase
    Mass incarceraters check the booty hole
    Police check the booty hole
    College exams look in the booty hole

  3. We might as well leave ole boy alone. Hes doin him and getting the EXACT reaction he did Chris Brown, Michael, Lady Gaga ( where the Hell is she anyway)…LNX is the SlyStone/David Bowie of this generation. What I wanna know is Who tappin’ that cause Suummmmbody got them creative juices flowing! Lol

    1. See! I said the same thing, nobody knows where Gaga is. I think his boyfriend is one of his backup dancers. Might be the one he kissed on BET. Somebody definitely tapping that cause he is far from stressed

  4. Lil Nas X taps into many straight parent’s biggest fear :

    “My child is going to grow up and be GAY”[ A fear that is very real and very ignorant]

    Black parents especially have been known to say ” I will beat / kill my son if he turns out to be gay”

    His song ” Old Town Road” was adored by children and at the time parents accepted it and Lil Nas X . Then he revealed his true self and they felt betrayed and Angry. Then he did the “Devil” lap dance and Blood in the shoe thing. They were offended again [ Like the Devil is real … NOT!]

    I love what he does and feels he has every right to live his truth. It’s the parent’s job to raise and accept their children however they turn out.

    I just fear for his safety. Ignorant ,dumb people can be dangerous!

    1. …cause theyre afraid their high school, college days of exploration and freakazoid is coming back to haunt em….thru their kids. Lol

  5. The people photo of him with the preggers belly on the shag rug was enough, the rest was doing too much. Just hope the album is worth everything he is doing and in a way I kinda don’t want it to do too good because he is going to do even more. Eventually people got tired of Lady Gaga doing too much and you see where she is now.

      1. I wasn’t talking about, all the accolades they get is worth it. Nobody can ever take that away from them. I was more so talking about how you don’t even hear about her anymore. Movies, TV or music.

        1. She had a huge hit last year “rain on me” and stupid love was minor hit. She is doing very well and never stopped. Art pop was a disappointment but other than that she had always done great. She keeps on moving and changing. She is focusing on movies right now and has another Oscar contender coming out later this year. I am sure lil Nas will have something completely different in his next era.

  6. I love it❤
    I’m gone stick beside him🤣
    On a serious note congratulations to him for being named The Trevor Project’s Suicide Prevention Advocate of the Year.I hope he keeps using his voice and platform to bring attention to mental health issues and suicide prevention and awareness.

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