are anyone else in the foxhole a fellow travelers?

so i’m invested in this show.
fellow travelers on showtime is my latest tv obsession.
when its not uploaded on time,
i legit want to speak to a manager.

This show is sooooooooooo good.


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I Currently Live In A House of Cards

hocfrank2-house-of-cards-season-3-all-downhill-from-here-for-frank-underwoodyou know when i love a show or movie,
i go buy the soundtrack.
i finally started watching “house of cards” on netflix.
everyone and the mama been telling me about it.
i finally decided to put “friends” on hold and try something new.

it stars one of my favorite actor wolves,
kevin spacey,
and well…

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Hooked, Lined, and Crushed

tumblr_n8sltuTsp41sjnivto1_500god has a funny sense of humor.
he can also be SUCCCCHHH an asshole as well.
the universe,
or whatever you believe in.
“your prototype” will be placed in your life.
your “straight” prototype.
well maybe.
he hooked,
and reeled you in with “something”.
its not like we have a lot of choices within this world.
this life we live isn’t exactly a dating mecca.
we aren’t vixens where they can get it easier.
we have to cross our fingers on hook ups and fast life styles.
ultimately between the random booty calls,
this “prototype” still has a special place in your heart.
even if you only see him for a few seconds,
it feels like a million moments.
yes my friend.
you crushed with your emotions.
the most dangerous way to “crush”.
i had to wonder…

…and how exactly do you stop that?
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I’m Pretty Devious and You Shouldn’t Trust Me

devil_angel-4366i’ll take your man,
give him back,
then take him again.
i think.
seriously today i have been out of it.
slept all day.
rolled over twice.
i didn’t really sleep last night so that may be the cause.
in my sleepy slump,
i decided to do something my little cousin told me about a while ago.
she wanted me to watch this show she was begging me to watch.
i shrugged it off,
but thanks to her now i’m hooked

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Oh No They Dih-n’t Arrest My Man!

Egypt.faintwhy come no one told me it went DOWN on this week’s episode?!?
i was in my crib going “oh shit!” and “wtf!”

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The Games People Play

today i made the move.
i gave into the temptation.
i finally did it…

…and i’m mad i did.
one of my favorite f-bi wolves hit me up in email to talk about peanut.
after that entry,
he knew i was feeling a little down.
after a verbal tongue lashing,
and a lot of laughs,
he actually cheered me up.
he suggested something that would keep my mind occupied.
oh has it.
has it!!!!….

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