are anyone else in the foxhole a fellow travelers?

so i’m invested in this show.
fellow travelers on showtime is my latest tv obsession.
when its not uploaded on time,
i legit want to speak to a manager.

This show is sooooooooooo good.


I love to watch shows revolving gay stories in times where it was highly forbidden.

i’m not into period pieces too tough but this show has me in a vice grip.
everyone in this show are acting their asses off.
not only that:

The chemistry between Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey rivals Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
Even the black couple,
Jelani Alladin and Noah Ricketts,
have wild chemistry too.
what is going on here?!


jelani has a tail on him too.
the sex scenes in this are so intense and passionate.


hawk stay dickin’ down poor skippy.
i see why his ass is acting wild crazy and annoying at times.

as gays living in 2023,
we should feel very lucky and blessed.
there is still quite a bit of homophobic behavior out here,
but judging from what it seems gays dealt with in the 60s,
i’m gonna font i’m so thankful i’m in this era.
white and black gays def suffered and many didn’t make it.
there was a lot of DL behavior that had to happen.
when aids got introduced,
forget it.
i don’t think many of us would have survived days of gays past.
i do think the sneaking around turns on skippy tho.
even tho he wants hawk’s love,
he is def on “fuck me right now” when they meet up.


I’d love for The Foxhole to check out this show.

i wanna know what your thoughts are!
you can watch the first episode: here

lowkey: i’m late on matt bomer.
he fine.

6 thoughts on “are anyone else in the foxhole a fellow travelers?

  1. Loved this Mini Series. I’ve only seen like one Hollywood movie on Mccarthyism and the trials but this show nailed the gay witch hunt that sealed Mccarthy’s fate when he investigated the Military. The actors that played Mccarthy and Roy Cohn looked like the real people and sounded like they did at the televised trials. It’s not lost on me that Roy Cohn would be close to Trump before he died of Aids.

  2. I didn’t fully love eps1, but I will admit the sexual tension between matt bomer and the jonathan bailey is off the charts. I watched it, uncoupling and this animated feature called freedom fighters: The Ray, I loved uncoupling the most but when it comes to sexual tension and sensuality i was very much seated for Fellow Travelers.

  3. I’m watching…but I must confess I had to watch the first episode 3x to finish it. I kept falling asleep on it. Now I’m totally caught up and invested.

  4. Man this is my show! I thought me and my homies were the only ones watching it. Not only are the sex scenes believable, the show is just beautifully done. I’m not sure how a second season can be done, but I hope it is!

  5. Yesssss this show is so good. I think the fact that most of the main actors are actually gay helps them sell the chemistry

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