is john gaines the type of wolf we want to settle down with?

this is going to be a very superficial entry.
i don’t know is going on bts of these folks.
this is purely fantasy but kinda real too.
i ain’t even gonna hold you but…

Victoria Monet is a sher-o to many.

there is something i noticed with vixens.
in many occasions,
they’ll breed with a fine ass wolf to get stuck with.
now it often backfires but when they show me their toxic bds,
i beez like:

I get why this mistake even happened.”

i feel like victoria lucked up because not every fine wolf is good for ya.
her bd,
john gaines,
comes off different with her.
he comes off like a good father to their daughter.
not only that,
he just fine but he is FIZZ-IONES.
you gotta gargle the “fizz” in your mouth first.
he is handsome af,
has a bawdy of a sculpted greek statue,
and if you been in The Foxhole during the tumblr days

You knows he is carrying some extra weight on him.

he seems whipped on her too.
he is super supportive of her being the bread winner.
a foxholer sent me this the other day and i had to say to myself…

@gainsbygaines There’s nothing left to be said. @Victoria Monét #GainsbyGaines ♬ When We – Tank

I get it.”

because imagine that cummin’ in you…r house everyday.

@gainsbygaines The come back bout to go crazy. I’ve been laying low, but i’m back in front of the camera soon #gainsbygaines ♬ Sensational (feat. Davido & Lojay) – Chris Brown

@gainsbygaines Folloe along for 20 reps each exercise and repeat for 4 rounds #couplesworkout #abs #fitcouple #blacklove #summerbody #fyp @victoriamonet ♬ original sound – gainsbygaines

many of us in The Foxhole want a manz that got our close circle going:

“I totally get it.”

…but one who is supportive,
wants a family,
and working us out in more ways than one.
i feel the same way about ciara and russell.
he STAY having her ass pregnant and i totally get it.

now i’m sure john wasn’t great to his ex(es).
i mean,
if you listen to the rumors…
victoria had the sauce that bagged him and has his nose wide open.
it looks like she is out and he be home with their daughter.
totally the reverse of what we usually see with some of these bds.
either way,
i see what you do for others and i ask for some of the same.

@gainsbygaines Happy Anniversary my love #anniversary #blacklove #victoriamonet #gainsbygaines ♬ Every Kind Of Way – H.E.R.

let’s keep on finding and perfecting our sauces Foxhole.

3 thoughts on “is john gaines the type of wolf we want to settle down with?

  1. I like Victoria Monet and John Gaines together, you know I support black love. That being said their situation seems kind of odd to me because the entire family is gorgeous and when everyone looks as good as they do then everyone is working, the mother, the father, and the daughter. Victoria makes the music and John and their daughter need to be acting and modeling.

    I wonder what the dynamics of their relationship are because I’m happy for Victoria, I like a couple of her songs and hopefully, she wins the Grammy that she’s nominated for; but, if we are going to be honest if Mr. Gaines got a good brand partnership and two Tyler Perry films under his belt for exposure he would probably be bigger than Victoria.

    John is more than just good looking he has that clean-cut all-American aesthetic and that image sells well in America, especially middle America. Clean face, fresh cut, tight body, and no visible tattoos, that’s a gold mine. All he would have to do is break into that “ Home for the holidays”, “ Mariah Carey all I want for Christmas”, Hallmark holiday market and he and his family would be eating for the rest of their lives. People may not realize it but there is a huge market for wholesome family entertainment especially during the holiday season, people have really huge careers just acting in Lifetime and Hallmark holiday films.

  2. That’s what happens when you date a man that’s just a little bit bisexual, he shuts up and looks pretty. I think the best part of this is that they are both very much, well him allegedly just to be safe, bisexual and equally attractive and he just seems pleasant

  3. The way people were acting about the Tyler dude from P-Valley and his baby mama is how I feel about them. Chemistry off the charts and he doesn’t seem jealous of her success.

    Mind you, Victoria is drop dead gorgeous and you hear NO RUMORS about her. She is the cool chill pretty girl that everyone has something nice to say about. I’m so happy she’s finally getting recognition.

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