I’m Pretty Devious and You Shouldn’t Trust Me

devil_angel-4366i’ll take your man,
give him back,
then take him again.
i think.
seriously today i have been out of it.
slept all day.
rolled over twice.
i didn’t really sleep last night so that may be the cause.
in my sleepy slump,
i decided to do something my little cousin told me about a while ago.
she wanted me to watch this show she was begging me to watch.
i shrugged it off,
but thanks to her now i’m hooked

devious “fuckin” maids.
i don’t know if anyone watched this show yet but i love it.
it centers around five maids and the mystery of their dead friend.
i was happy to see my ny spanish vixens ana ortiz and judy reyes,
my latina sex pot roselyn sanchez,
and newcomer dania ramirez getting some work.
i have a thing for spanish vixens if you can’t tell.
marc cherry
(desperate housewives and revenge)
and eva longoria are the brains behind this show.
susan lucci also makes the cast.
this shit is so good tho.
i ended the second episode just now so i can check in with the foxhole.
i’m about to make some tea and finish the rest.
i want you guys to watch it with me.
pretty please?


x click for episode 1

x click for episode 2

x click for episode 3

x click for episode 4

x click for episode 5

lemme know what you think!

lowkey: watching this show,
it’s funny how this really depicts wealthy white women/people.
i have dead ass seen them act like this on the upper east side.
especially with the nannies.

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