Tyson Chandler Is Pretty Tiny Below


tyson chandler of the new york knicks has a small issue.
can you guess what i’m talking about?…


…and got the nerve to be wearing short shorts.
nothing wrote than a guy who is small below.
legs that is.
all that upper body training only to be distracted by some chicken ass legs.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Tyson Chandler Is Pretty Tiny Below”

  1. He definitely needs to begin to focus on “LEG DAY” at the Gym. That’s one thing I can’t stand about alot of these “GYM” heads. The fact that they are so focused on their upper body that they forget their legs and end up lucking like Chicken Little. I like a man with either a fully toned muscle body with upper body and a nice ass… or a thick dude with some nice pecs, arms, and a juicy booty. lol!

  2. LMAO…Damn Tyson. Jamari, I knew that was what you meant when I read the title. I never even noticed before. He’s still sexy though.

  3. Yo Jamari, speaking of gym rats, you still hitting the gym? How’s the progress looking. You know, you could show evidence by bringing back “Rise of the FoxTails,” featuring you 🙂

  4. YIKES!!!!! Those legs are not the business, but its more genetic than anything, I was blessed with natural big legs and dont have to do much for them to be defined, now my arms are naturally skinny, and it took me three years to get them were they are respectable, so sometimes you have to take the hand you were dealt. I am sure his legs are muscular but they just look awkward because he is so tall. He is still a good looking dude. I have seen him play in person and he is easy on the eyes.

  5. I’m sorry Tyson. You are cute and all, but you are just not my type…. I can’t date you!….. Okay, the reason is (Guilt)… You have skinny legs and I like my men with thick muscular legs. It because I am Puerto Rican and we love thick legs, so don’t blame me….. I know, I know it not the beauty that counts, but…. Goodbye Tyson.

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