Oh No They Dih-n’t Arrest My Man!

Egypt.faintwhy come no one told me it went DOWN on this week’s episode?!?
i was in my crib going “oh shit!” and “wtf!”

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 10.43.23 PMx another link

tumblr_mps9l8NRjM1rgcouwo1_500i am lovin’ this show.
tyler and oprah did good!

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9 thoughts on “Oh No They Dih-n’t Arrest My Man!”

  1. I think they did good with the show too. the meat is outstanding. some of the acting sequences are a little off and slow but overall I think its good

  2. I agree with the comments! Tyler and Oprah has done a great job with the show and the casting of actors!! Just need to clean up some of the story lines and quickly move some scenes faster!

  3. am i the only one disturb by the maid the one that use to act in passions as pilar a maid Side note: is it sad she gets cast as a maid in all he shows. She mad crazy over jim.

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