Should My DVR Have Or Have Nots?

1-1i was cleaning out my dvr and saw the entire last season to “haves and have nots”.
i stopped watching when benny was driving a car at like 10000 miles and hour,
he had quincy in the passenger seat,
and the car flipped over…
not killing both of them.
i started getting bored with the story line.
hell i didn’t even know they had their season finale.
apparently it was so good,
 3.7 million of ya’ll watched.
well i was going to erase it out my dvr,
but i figured i would give it another chance.
i think.
so i had to ask the foxhole that was tuning in faithfully…

Was this season of “Haves and Have Nots” good?
Or should I just go ahead and erase it?

Are You Ready For Another Season of The Haves and Have Nots?

haveandhavenotsbanner-620x320so its about that time again.
funny enough i was wonder when that time was gonna start.
i got my answer today.
season 3 of tyler perry’s written,
and directed “haves and have nots” on OWN.
here is the teaser trailer of whats going down…
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Jeffrey Is “Hot ‘N’ Juicy” All Over

wellhellothere“well what do we have here?

how are you?
my name is jamari fox.
you’ve probably heard of me.
i think you missed a spot drying yourself off.

maybe i can assist…”
an f-bi hit me up asking me if i saw “have and have nots” last night.
i wasn’t in the mood,
but i decided to watch it just now.
so i ended up pausing it because i had to run over here…
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