Are You Ready For Another Season of The Haves and Have Nots?

haveandhavenotsbanner-620x320so its about that time again.
funny enough i was wonder when that time was gonna start.
i got my answer today.
season 3 of tyler perry’s written,
and directed “haves and have nots” on OWN.
here is the teaser trailer of whats going down…

is it me
or do the trailers for this show always better than the actual show?
3eampjust asking.
for a friend.
i also thought last season was season 3.
i don’t know anymore,
but like you,
i will be tuned in to see all the wacky hijinks this show comes up with.
the new season of “have and have nots” starts june 30th at 9pm.

lowkey: i’m here for quincy.
i’m also here for the love scenes with benny.

i bet he gonna be beatin’ veronica back out!
you saw she gave him head in the truck.

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Another Season of The Haves and Have Nots?”

  1. Meh. The show has good episodes and then okay episodes. People put up with the show just cause it has Tyler perry’s name on it. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing. Benny nor Qunicy is not enough for me to drudge through scenes and conversations that are awkward and take too long. Like that scene when the maid wouldn’t leave the damn mansion. So unnecessarily long! For what???? You’re right the trailer always look better than the actual show. That’s how it is for a lot of movies too.

    1. ^omg tbw!
      you reminded me of those long talking scenes.
      like tyler get to the point!
      last season was just way too much accidental comedy for a soapy drama.

  2. I’m excited and frustrated with this show. You’ll are right about those long drawn out talking scenes I’m sick of it, Tlyer needs to bring it this season. I’m here for Benny though.

  3. I’m here for this season. On, there is an extended trailer for the upcoming season, and yea..Benny and Veronica were getting it in lol.

    I’m into his shows only because they are scandalous lol.

  4. I’m here for this “AfroNovela” It’s too bad to turn away from. I really am an optimist, because I keep hoping the show will tighten up and be more crisp. They just take too long to deliver the dialogue.

    Veronica’s husband has some serious cakes. I didn’t know that I liked Daddies until I saw him from the back, LOL. I guess Wyatt is doing to wreck Jeffrie’s shack with ol’ dude, cause they don’t have a home.

    The MIRACLE will be Candace getting her mama to move into that house. I GOTTA SEE THAT.

  5. Wyatt, Benny, Jeffery, Quincy.. Tyler knows what he’s doing! He hires VERY fine men on all his shows LMAO! *sips*

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