Should My DVR Have Or Have Nots?

1-1i was cleaning out my dvr and saw the entire last season to “haves and have nots”.
i stopped watching when benny was driving a car at like 10000 miles and hour,
he had quincy in the passenger seat,
and the car flipped over…
not killing both of them.
i started getting bored with the story line.
hell i didn’t even know they had their season finale.
apparently it was so good,
 3.7 million of ya’ll watched.
well i was going to erase it out my dvr,
but i figured i would give it another chance.
i think.
so i had to ask the foxhole that was tuning in faithfully…

Was this season of “Haves and Have Nots” good?
Or should I just go ahead and erase it?

12 thoughts on “Should My DVR Have Or Have Nots?

  1. I don’t watch this show or any of the other Tyler Perry productions.
    It’s so funny that the guys in my barber shop were getting excited that the new season was coming (I know it has since started), and I’m looking at them all like are you serious?! And they were dead ass serious!
    I’ll stick to shows of my liking…Scorpion, Blindspot, Quantico, Bastard Executioner, Vikings, Empire, Walking Dead, Limitless, Life in Pieces (hilarious), Flash, Arrow, Rizzoli & Isles, Dark Matter

  2. This is my show. I agree with everyone about the slow pace but the show is my guilty pleasure. Way better than “If Loving You Is Wrong”

  3. Jamari just watch the finale and DELETE. One thing that kills this show is the SOAP OPERA pace. I was telling my friend that more happens in one episode of Empire than two season of HAHN. Like seriously the pace is incredibly slow

    1. The pace is so ridiculous that I find myself thinking of tomorrow night’s dinner and anything else not related to the show. It’s boring, predictable and terribly written/directed. What initially felt like a campy soap has been reduced to a Tyler Perry morality tale w/ no clear direction.

      I knew the end was near for me when Empire premiered earlier this season. They provided the campy soap fun I was looking for w/ a larger budget and some creative writing from a TEAM of folks. Don’t even get me started on the other brilliant show that is Power. I’m sorry, but HAHN lost me as viewer this season.

      I say jump ship but that is just my opinion.

  4. I still have not seen the finale. I can’t get the channel at school. The site I go to for the bootleg will not load properly. Smh. Overall the season was good, the acting has improved as well.

  5. This season is actually better. The pace is a little quicker and the storylines are more juicier. Getting rid of Amanda’s character was a great idea. She brought NOTHING. Wyatt is borderline. Veronica is that new bitch you love to hate. Benny has emerged from his shell. Better show all together

  6. LOL. I think u should get into it. If anything, for the eye candy Ms Perry injects into the show.

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