August Alsina Is Feelin’ You (Literally)

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.17.20 PMso august alsina is trying to step above his r&b wolf pack.
he wants to be more…
how can i say…
well look at what he did when he brought a fan onstage for his latest concert.
i guess this allow this kinda things down in baton rouge

tumblr_m5v70iKuTZ1qaf90uo1_250…cause in new yawk,
he might have got his hand broke.
this has to be the work of his alter ego,
first of all,
whoever took over him looked really awkward.
has he done that before?
he looked like he was pinching her titties.

why didn’t she break his hand?
he was definitely doing a 80 in a school zone.
im gonna “needz” him to get that hand in check.
what ever happened to “on bended knee” or “nice and slow”?
hell i’m sure the wolves who sung “knockin’ the bootz” knew their boundaries.
um august.
tell “september” not to do that again.
tumblr_magxpjjNeY1r8zac6o2_250thanks to the vix-bi who sent me the story!

lowkey: have the vixens today got any pride?
she was sitting up there a skinnin’ and grinnin’.
couldn’t be me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “August Alsina Is Feelin’ You (Literally)”

  1. *pffff* That’s it? I’ve seen worse. I would have demanded money for my ticket back if that’s all he’s going to touch. In New york the same thing would have happened. You underestimate the power of thirst.

  2. She know she creamed her panties when he did that lol!

    A little off topic, but did you see my boo Suraqah win the cover of Steve Harvey’s Calendar?

  3. I can’t even get mad at her, if it was me In that chair I would have done the same 😈 At least now she has a story to tell.

  4. To me it looked like he was feeling for an Adam’s apple, like he thought she was a tranny. He checked that throat before he went any further. Seeing if them titties were real too. If only she was a tranny … I woulda been DEAD AF.

    1. Exactly. If that was me I would have felt violated, idc if he brought her on stage. No dude can ever do that to me unless we’re in a relationship. There’s just certain lines that shouldn’t be crossed. I feel like these celebrities feel like they can do what they want because they’re so used to thirsty groupies literally throwing themselves at them.

    1. You know these thirsty ass vixens, foxes, hyenas/jackals and other wolves all love August Alsina. He’s pretty to look at, ratchet, and probably can lay down the pipe. I mean he’s from New Orleans and usually dudes from NOLA have the best sex compared to the dudes from Baton Rouge. I know cuz I’m from Louisiana. LOL

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