Jeffrey Is “Hot ‘N’ Juicy” All Over

wellhellothere“well what do we have here?

how are you?
my name is jamari fox.
you’ve probably heard of me.
i think you missed a spot drying yourself off.

maybe i can assist…”
an f-bi hit me up asking me if i saw “have and have nots” last night.
i wasn’t in the mood,
but i decided to watch it just now.
so i ended up pausing it because i had to run over here…





jeffrey could as well drop that towel like so:
DVZn0the gig is up.
so is jeffrey,
played by gavin houston,
trying to “out wolf” wyatt,
and my “benny” in my foxhole this season.
all signs are pointing to “HELL YES”!

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20 thoughts on “Jeffrey Is “Hot ‘N’ Juicy” All Over”

  1. That is a bad ass Fox right there. Nice and dark with a tight ass body, now that’s what I’m talking about.

      1. Well he’s a Fox on the show, that is what I meant lol.

        There are Foxes with kids, you know better making that statement lol.

        1. ^my saying:

          “black only crack when it’s on crack”

          hard partying,
          poppin mollys,
          no sleep,
          no facials/no exfoliating,
          no water,
          no exercise,
          and fast living ages you.

  2. I was waiting on you to do a post about this. When I saw that water glistening all over his body when Candace opened that door… I lost it 😛

  3. am i the only one tired of celine?
    hannah needs to punch that hoe.
    i think david is going to smash that pr snow bunny.
    i can cut the sexual tension with a knife.

    1. Her and Hannah catch fade later in the season lol. I don’t sense the tension between the pr and David tho.

    2. she getting on my last nerves with her petty shit.
      and candace needs to punch her mom.
      idk i don’t see the sexual tension with her, but with him yea.

  4. Interesting, he’s not an African American. According to his twitter account, he’s of Guyanese and Brazilian descent. There are many blacks that are not African American that are in the acting scene here, including this Gavin Houston, Idris Elba and Chewitel Ejiofor. Good for them and Welcome to the USA, my brothers!

  5. I will invite you all to our reception after we exchange vows this Spring. We are having a small intimate ceremony so please don’t take offense. After that shower scene last night he became my fiance!!

  6. Is it just me, but I have a feeling that Wyatt character could be bisexual regardless of his claim to be straight.

  7. In my head I’m praying that if Benny ever wakes up and doesn’t get shot, locked up again, kidnapped etc in the future…I definitly see him and Jeffrey hooking up. That will be MUST SEE tv. I mean because his mom was trying to set him up but we don’t know for sure if he likes girls

    1. Before Benny was arrested, he was going on a date with Darcy from the church. He likes girls. I doubt Jeffrey and Benny will hook up. This a not a gay based show, the ratings would decline if that happened so Tyler has to be careful. Either Jeffery will be with Wyatt, or he will find his own boyfriend outside of the cast.

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