Kenya Moore Has A Story To Tell Ya

kenyamooreloveso kenya moore finally uploaded a blog on the bravo site about “the brawl”.
i was interested in what she had to say…

Kenya: Brandon is My Hero

I considered myself a friend and have always been respectful and supportive of NeNe on and off camera. I ignored all the warnings from the other ladies about how she turns on people she is threatened by or that she feels steals the spotlight from her. However, I give people the benefit of the doubt and had enjoyed becoming friends with her. 

When I arrived at NeNe’s event, I heard her ranting outside the door for the entire room to hear. Once inside, she was acting so nasty towards me by personally attacking me. She hurled insults my way such as “you think you are fabulous but you are not, you can go home, etc.” It was clear it wasn’t merely because I was late. She had already set the stage with her pointed inflammatory questions and her obnoxious “I am the star” attitude. She was out of line and I saw little trace of the sweet NeNe that I had come to love hanging out with. What she hasn’t learned yet is that the higher a monkey climbs, the more it shows its ass.

Natalie, Christopher’s common law wife, once again came with a plan. She was embarrassed that I exposed her lies to the world. It was her decision to come into this group and trash Todd’s past but lie about her marital status. I could not care less but know that I never pick battles I cannot win and I do not lie on people. Natalie began egging Chris on, prompting him to stand up to address me directly and that was acceptable to NeNe. However, when I stood up and slowly walked across the room to address Natalie, NeNe had a big problem with it. When Christopher grabbed my arm, I was outraged. Brandon did exactly what he was supposed to do and that is to protect me. NO MAN SHOULD EVER PUT HIS HANDS ON A WOMAN. For that, he is my hero. He is more of a man than any of the husbands that were in that room. Imagine if a man grabbed the arm of one of their women. It would have been a massive problem. Sadly, the women should have rallied by my side to support me. Due to their own insecurities or alliances, they chose not to.

Apollo clearly and without provocation attacked and brutally battered Brandon. The alteration was contained and nonviolent until Apollo charged Brandon and started relentlessly beating him. Brandon could send him behind bars for an automatic felony. However, that is Brandon’s decision alone to make. My only concern was for Brandon’s safety. When NeNe charged at me and tried to blame me really showed how irrational and manipulative she could be. There is no alternate universe that would hold me accountable for Apollo assaulting Brandon. Apollo is a convicted felon having served 6 years in prison. He is a liar and he is out of control. 

With that said, I wholeheartedly apologize for the fact that anyone had to witness this behavior or that any persons would stand on the wrong side of right to prove a point to themselves. I do not condone violence on any level. We fight people daily for respect, for our rights and for our dignity. There’s no excuse for this type of behavior.

To that point, Phaedra goes out of her way to slander me by calling me out of my name time and time again maliciously calling me a whore. She crossed a hard line appearing on national TV shows and in interviews saying I offered Apollo fellatio at a fictitious hotel sighting in Los Angeles that never happened. ALL lies. I have never lied on anyone to disrepute or sully their reputation for the sake of revenge. Everything I have ever said about anyone, especially Apollo, on this show has been the truth. We all know who and what Apollo really is. Who’s crazy now?


tumblr_n06gc3RnCr1rt69vfo1_500well i believe her.
how could anyone not?
it was clear as day on television.
i did respect how composed kenya was with nene in her face with at that caterwauling.
if she would have hauled off a vicious slap on that ghetto banshee,
i wouldn’t have been upset either.
its sad that nene and nem are trying to place the blame on kenya tho.
i hate when people can’t see right from wrong and be objective.
people would cosign the devil if he had on the right disguise.

lowkey: i dunno why those dingbats would side with nene.
hasn’t she turned on all of them at one point?
well you can’t expect a bunch of followers to suddenly get a backbone.
look at the men they married.
phaedra = jailbird alleged “swipe ya identity” hubby
kandi = alleged opportunist fiance
cynthia = disrespectful brute

tumblr_mzcsvpEAzp1rj6lpxo1_400okay den.

blog courtesy: bravo

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10 thoughts on “Kenya Moore Has A Story To Tell Ya”

      1. I believe she was! Working in Hollywood myself. I know that the hours are long and exhaustive! Some people need more energy from “something” else to keep them going. Nene may have been offered “something” and got hooked on it or may have already been on it, while living in Hollywood. She was in that scene for a while & was at one time doing talk show after talk show. Then flying back to Atl to do RHOA. Then back to Hollywood too her now cancelled series. She had a full schedule! It was also rumored she had a heart attack a months ago. Which could have been caused by an unknown “substance”…

  1. She is right, I agree with her 100%. Nene was behind the whole situation, prancing around like a flamingo. Why was Chris allowed to get up and not Kenya? That was not fair. Chris did grab her arm, that was clearly visible. Apollo claimed he was punched in the eye, but I have watched the fight over and over and have yet to see that. They need convict his ass, give him the maximum.

  2. I hate when people say “a man should never put his hands on a woman” you shouldn’t put your hands on anyone. If you do that their wouldnt be any reason for self defense. We are all human and all feel pain. Having said that I believe keyna lol =3

  3. ^^ im completely with you..Nenes a big ole Gremlin who needs to get socked in her face. She was dead ass wrong and she knows it i knew her big ass was a shit starter but damnnnn girl…

  4. This episode has truly made Kenya the star of RHOA. People who didnt like her are now turning into her allies. Poor Nene is a has been on her own show and the public is not buying her BS and everyone on her social media pages are letting her have it left and right. Sometimes you have to be careful because we all know the spotlight burns bright and you can be caught up and suffer from 3rd degree burns when you get too close. I think the public is growing tired of these antics and all these types of shows are gonna go away or at least I hope. We live in such a dumb down world now that this type of behavior which just a couple of years ago would have never been tolerated is now common place, all of our entertainment appeals to the lowest common denominator and shows just how basic human beings really are. I have pretty much weened myself off of a TV diet and this is one of the only few shows I still watch but after this season, I think Im going to pull the plug on it as well.

    1. They are laying in her ass, especially on instagram. She was mad Kenya was late because Kenya was the target. Kenya is slowly taking over the show, she just hasn’t been there long enough, but after this season that may change.

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