Your Instagramification Is Ruining You

instagramification – the desire of putting all of YOU on social media.
we know everything about you,
but we never met you a day in our lives.

new foxhole term.
yeah so your interest is dying due to all your social media apps.

for someone like me,
i don’t even want to look at your insta-snaps.
that will further put the nail in the coffin of my interest of you.
jamari fox is here to help you.
i’ll always look out for the foxhole.
i’ll give you two and save the rest for another time.
i can’t give you everything….

1) you should have 2 primary social medias

the most.
the main one should always be one where you’re the most connected.
if you were to vanish,
everyone will know to check that particular site because you update it the most.
all of your real life friends and family should have that site too.
in case they need to come in the comments and say you died ‘n’ shit.
the other 2 should be extensions of your personality and how you express yourself.
too many social media accounts are frankly hard to keep up with.
unless you have a brand or a company,
then it’s one thing.
your reach is important.
that is a job within itself making sure everyone is connected to your content.
your random selfies don’t need that much circulation.

these don’t count the secret accounts you have that you play on.
don’t give me that look.
we all have a social media account we keep secret.
you use it to cheat or be gay on.
it’s okay.

2) all these “live” options are making you too accessible

i get you want to show everyone your day.
you want to post snaps and insta-snaps of everything you’re doing.
well it’s actually showing us just how boring and regular you are.
there is so many ways you can show us that you’re:

eating a sandwich
working out
buying shit

smoking weed
 driving your car
dancing in a mirror
turning up your mouth


Do you know how many wolves i’ve posted on here that i’m turned off from now?

if i’m attracted to you,
i’m not looking at your “live” stuff all the time.
others will be a slave to that,
but i’m seeing the same routine every single day/weekend.
you should always be exclusive.
even if you have 20 followers,
you can still keep your mystery.
i want to wonder what you’re doing?
who are you with?
are you fuckin’ someone at this very minute?
if you are not on ig,
but i see you on snapchat

rihanna and beyonce don’t even use those options like that.
hell i think the kkk klan doesn’t either.
when they do,
it’s often an event or to promote something.
so one day,
you post on one platform and then  post on another platform the next.
maybe one week it’s all insta-snaps and the next is all snapchats.
the good thing about snapchat is it’s own separate site.
you posting selfies on your main ig,
but then continuing to do the same on insta-snap…

the work out wolves post work out videos on ig and on their “live” shit.
what are you doing so different?????
you should be using the snap/insta-snap option to show off your bawdy.
since it’s only 24 hours and all.
 breaks are also good with these live stories.
maybe one day/week,
don’t post a single thing.
we won’t leave if we like you.
it’s called:


learn it.

so those are the basics.
i have more where that came from,
but that will need a check.
try out the ones i suggested and see how they work for you.
 there are a ton of social media apps,
but that doesn’t mean you need to be on all them.

lowkey: everyone wants to be like the kkk klan.
funny how we diss them for the same shit we’re doing.
we want everyone to experience our reality.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Your Instagramification Is Ruining You”

  1. This was quite a fun, informative and timely read. I have FB, and an IG that I use to follow the flesh. I’m just not that interesting. AND I scrunch my face up at selfies coming across my timeline. Like, WHY? You only get one ‘Aye’ from me on a photo – EVER.

    1. ^its becoming over kill.
      real celebs don’t even take these much photos for a magazine spread.
      its not even entertaining or showing personality.
      it is dead ass staring in the camera.

  2. GO IN, J!! This is it! I have deactivated and uninstalled Snapchat b/c everyone (the people in my personal life) posts the same shit. Now, I just keep up with them all on Facebook. They update that just as much as they do every thing else. I only use Facebook (for friends and family) and Tumblr (for all of my other interests) now. Snapchat and Instagram ran their course. Social media has made everyone attention hungry. And I get it, you feel great when a picture or a post of yours gets lots of attention. Endorphins are released when you open up your notifications and see all kinds of likes and shares and what not. So to keep that feeling going, we constantly post things we think people want to see. It makes us feel validated. But we don’t realize that it gets repetitive when we’re constantly showing everyone everything we’re doing over and over again.

    1. ^you fonted it!

      it ruins the image we have of them.
      i remember beyonce saying she would never do a reality show because we are would hate her.
      something to that effect.
      ive learned a lot of these attentionistos are real wack bts.
      that insta-snap and snapchat is setting them up for failure and they don’t even realize.

  3. This post came at the right time.

    I don’t have an Instagram but I’m in the gym bout to make a ‘comeback’ I’m nervous of not having a lot of followers.

    I do have a fake account that I use. I’m 25 so I’m thinking less pics but make me look more interesting like nice clothes doing activities. Post only like 10 pics?

    Help me out.

    1. ^use your main ig as a place to show yourself.
      only put up the best pictures of yourself and hashtag.
      meat sells.
      look at how the attentionistos sell themselves and copy that.
      if you have to filter the pictures then do so.

      always think of insta-snap as the “bts” of your life.
      the less you show of that is the better.


      learn it.

      1. Thank you! See I’m not trying to go the thotty body post route. I feel like that lane is already taking. When you say intrigue what do you mean? Like people don’t know what you do, but you always going on trips and buying nice clothes etc?

        How many times a month should I post?

    2. ^your pics should also show your development.
      so it should all tell a story of your come up.
      if you feel you reach a point where you regressing,
      don’t post.

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