f0xmail: I’m Fem and Want Real Discreet and D/L Pipe! Help!


Sooo I’m clearly a fem bottom. I always have had a light voice it never really got any deeper. I’m young I enjoy and love sex. My throwback game strong I give some of the sloppiest bj’s ever I’m told by almost everyone I have sex with that I’m amazing and I do all the right things that they like and turn them on. But usually I deal with punk ass niggas that spread my business. I’m fem but I just want to establish some type of NSA with someone discreet or DL but then it turns out almost all the DL/discreet niggas get exposed on places like tumblr n shit and all they business out there.

What do I do?

A lot of them either aren’t attracted to me or think I’ll tell their business cause I’m fem. But all I really want is for them to come lay the pipe and get the fuck out. Im NOT one of those niggas that screams slay queen or slay Beyoncé but I enjoy lots of other “feminine” things. It makes it hard for me to find someone who I can casually fuck but also keep my business my business.

So what should I do?
Who should I try to establish a relationship like this with?

It’s hard to trust other queens out there because they are always involved in drama and outing each other.


you know the game has changed when you read:


now you knowwwwwwww….
i love a good “d/l or discreet” who keeps it lightweight in these forests.
you could never truly know who was d/l or even discreet.
everyone was super careful with who they talked to/banged.
it’s a free for all of free nudes and screen shots.
the same wolves i suspected and drooled after have turned me off.
you can’t even fuck a celebrity/baller wolf,
or someone’s boyfriend/husband,
without it getting messy af.
before you could be on the side with no issues.
everyone wants to post EVERY SINGLE DETAIL online. now
i miss the days when privacy was high key.
everyone is desperate for sex and have gotten sloppy now.

i use to think the fem foxes had it easier.
they got all the good meat the forests had to offer.
i guess it was easier to point them out in a line up.
for some of us,
we do play a good “straight”.
that isn’t exactly a compliment because it deters the right bait.
so unless someone gets to know us and plays the bullshit:


this foxmail just proves the grass isn’t always greener on all sides.

it seems to me that you are living in the internet forests.
a place where it can get real messy.
maybe it’s time to try to catch bait in your real forest?
some of the best are actually not the “popular ones” online.
think of it like one big ass high school we all attend.
social media is the lunchroom,
and bathroom.
a messy animal will fuck the fine “straight” jock eventually.
to prove that messy animal’s online worth,
he will either leak the nudes or tape the experience.

ithe types you are looking for might be outside of all that.
it may take longer,
but for all you are looking for,
you will have to take that chance.
once you find him,
you need to set those ground rules early.
if you choose to continue navigating through the social media world,
i would suggest be choosy who you give your bomb sex to.
if it’s as good as everyone claims,
why give it to everyone?
i would only give my good stuff to the deserving.
once you get a light whiff of:


…then it’s time to bounce and block.
i find those who send their nudes too early fit that description.

good luck on your journey!
i hope you find the type of dl or discreet you want.
the foxhole should provide better insight as well!
keep us posted!


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “f0xmail: I’m Fem and Want Real Discreet and D/L Pipe! Help!”

      1. ROTFL LMFAO. peanut… lol.. I think it would be easier for him to deal with dl dudes if he live in a major city like New York or DC. Its summer in the city and dudes are out and about and letting it damn near all hang out. If he’s in NYC he better hit it old school and check out the parks late nights on the weekends. lol. I havent had a good hood dude and/or ex con in a long min. So good luck with that. lol If you want discreet you better seek the ghetto dudes. Too many people being sneaky af with smart phones cam and shit, got dudes shooketh.

      2. @Jamari… I have a friend that works as a station agent at night in NYC and he said that he is CONSTANTLY getting looks and dudes trying to low key holla.

  1. I think you should be patient and persistent offline or get a vibrating self f**k machine…From what I hear, there are a lot of wolves out there to choose from, you just have to know their lingo and how they work I suppose if you’re into those types.

  2. Mr. I’m Fem and Want Real Discreet and D/L Pipe; My suggestion is that you go online and post one or even two different profiles on sites like adam4adam.com , and bgclive.com . Heck, you might post on craigslist.com . Craigslists has posting for men seeking men. Posting online (particularly Craigslist)–can be -but is not necessarily like–ordering pizza: For example: “I want a black man with a big dick (at least 7 inches) who will fuck me with no strings attached (NSA) on the regular. I love to suck dick. Holla”. Review a few postings or profiles and then make your own.

    Beware that there may be danger with meeting people through online means but do your research online about that. Good luck.

  3. Shit. I’m a certified wolf and I kinda holler at who I want. Masc. Fem. But i’m also 6’6 240. Most don’t test me. My point is this, he might have to frequent some spots where “we” hang out. Gym. Pool hall. Sports bars. I guarantee someone is watching. You just have to observe and pick up on hints man. Eye contact. A comment to you about pussy (test to see what you say). The game aint change that much. But it has gotten somewhat boring and harder. Everybody dresses gay now and uses the lingo. Look at the rappers and ball players. Anyway. Good luck.

    1. ^a foxholer was JUST telling me that.
      we can’t tell who is gay anymore.
      the straights are acting gay and the gays are looking straight.
      the straight wolves are using gay terminology now.
      everything has changed lol

  4. True DL guys wouldn’t be spreading your business around ( especially anything he’s done with you), but then again we have learned that mess comes in many different forms To be honest there aren’t that many foolproof ways to get the kind of guys you’re looking for. what works for some may not not work for others. What I would say is the next guy you meet try to get a good feel for him sometimes when we put ourselves out there there are going to be some not so great situations happen. Good Luck!

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