“You Wanna Get Around These Lil’ Boys And Get Hard!?”

there is always talk on how parents should discipline their cubs.
some of these cubs nowadays are so disrespectful.
they are full of angst and have no fear.
well i saw a video of a mother handling her daughter tonight.
from what i can tell,
the daughter was acting up in front of an audience.
some are saying the mother was doing too much.
i had to ask the foxhole…

…Was the mother out of line?

besides using the word “bitch” excessively,
i don’t see the issue.

lowkey: the mother was ready to square up on her.
i bet she is the one you call when you need back up.

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on ““You Wanna Get Around These Lil’ Boys And Get Hard!?””

  1. Hell naw my mama would of done the same thing if I flexed up on her I’m glad the mom had to let the daughter know what’s up don’t be fooled by her size

    1. ^THIS!! Passive parents end up getting walked over by their children…and sometimes worse.

      People are against beating their child. It’s a parent’s choice. Some people should not pro-create, the child is a prop or tool to use against the other parent. Genuine parents love their children and discipline them hard.

      I showed out once, and to make a point, my mom called all of my friends to my bedroom window to hear me getting a ass-whipping. Some of my childhood acquaintances still remind me of that when we run into one another. We have a good laugh now but a the time it was embarrassing. LOL

  2. I’m sorry. This isn’t as outrageous as some other vids I’ve seen, and I understand that different children and environments require different parenting styles BUT I still say if you have to call your 12 year old child a bitch and step to her like a thug in the street in front of an audience, somewhere down the line your parenting skills were lacking.

  3. I think that every child tries they parents. I got yoked up in East New York one time by my mother. Listen to your parents, foxes and vixens. Save yourself the embarrasment…

  4. 1) The mother gave an update on this sad saga. According to the mother, the daughter was at the park, where she shouldn’t have been, with her younger siblings. That says a lot to me and none of it bodes well for the mother. Why is a 12-year-old playing second mama to her younger siblings? According to the mom, she has a 16-year-old honor role student, albeit a son, in the house, so why wasn’t he there to stop the 12-year-old from going to the park? That spells a lack of supervision to me.
    2) While I don’t have children, I am a god parent and an uncle. I know for a fact that the moment I raise my voice, I’ve lost control of the situation. So I step back, regroup, and try again. Children are not our peers. I’m against yelling because it puts the person being yelled at on the same level as the person yelling. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t want your child to be subordinate to you while also treating the child as an equal that you’re willing to “square up” with and drag.

  5. 3) I don’t know if the mother knew she was being recorded or not, but I’m so tired of this social media style of parenting. You can’t disrespect your daughter in the streets and then demand others respect her in those same streets.
    4) Not only was the mother inappropriate in her parenting skills for hitting her daughter in the FACE, but she really lost what little moral high ground she had left when she told her daughter that she would hold her down and let someone stomp her.
    5) I don’t know what y’all consider love, but this is certainly not it. What I witnessed in this video is deeply disturbing. Actions like the one the mother displayed are warranted for an arch enemy, not someone you claim to love. Y’all might want to read Professor Stacey Patton’s work on violent punishment towards black children and calibrate your lives.

    1. Thank you Pierre, this was very disturbing to watch, I’m all for parents disciplining their children, but for this lady to hit her daughter in the face and call her a bitch is definitely abuse. That was not cool or funny at all to watch. Like I wrote, I’m all for people disciplining their children, but I’m sick of seeing videos like this of parents doing this to their kids. I’m also tired of people talking about well I was slapped in the face, hit with a wooden spoon, beat with an extension cord etc, and it worked. No, that old school ignorant way of parenting was abuse, and it should and needs to stop now. Yes there are some kids that you have to yolk up and show that your the parent and your in control, but what I just watched was really disgusting.

  6. my mom use to say. if you don’t wipe your child. your child will grow up wiping you.
    rather you agree or disagree how the mother deal with her child.
    at the end of the day, the same people would be the same people will judge her if her daughter had a child at early age.

  7. Things that make me go Hmmm?
    Why is it that videos of adults beating and humiliating children “for their own good” always seem to involve people with a family history of enslavement? Has anyone ever actually met a convicted murderer who believed that he he went wrong because he didn’t experience enough violence from the people he trusted most as a child? Did we turn out OK because of or in spite of the violence inflicted on us as children? Does it take a whip to raise a free man?

  8. I saw this on the gram and the taste of disgust is still present. Calling your child a “bitch” and positioning yourself to attack her/him is deplorable. They looked like two women about to fight over a man.

  9. Bitch? Punk ass? Dragging from the car? Hold her down while someone stomps her?? Out of line.

    While I might have gotten popped a time or two, I can’t think of a time my parents called me out of my name or tried to belittle me. This was a bit much.

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