Those Who Protest Too Much (Get Caught Up By The F-Bi?)

there once was a stripper who was very dashing.
boy did he bring the heat!
he had an attractive face,
his body
would make you cry,
and butt cheeks so round they could hypnotize.
well he didn’t want any men to look at him at all.
if you did,
he would personally contact you and curse you the fuck out.
well one day,
a day on memorial day weekend of 2014,
that same stripper was found to actually not really be as homophobic as he appeared to be.
well he wasn’t to dance at a gay club in ny called “krave” back in 2009.
watch this alleged video an f-bi delivered and see if this is the alleged stripper in this story…

@ 3:43:

this is all “alleged”,
btw.tumblr_inline_mvr696vh4l1r2q4zh.gifw630the moral of the story is:
there is always “something” with homophobia.
there is always a reason behind,
or secretly in front,
of these people who get so reckless at the mouth.
how many of them have been caught up by the f-bi?
you know my people run deep in every forest.
maybe they feel uncomfortable someone will call them out?
maybe they are scared of the mirror of their insecurities?
maybe they were molested or raped and still trapped in their prisons?
who knows.
the queens in their comment boxes are also reckless as well.
i’m not saying they can’t put someone in check for disrespect,
but why do all that extra homophobe shit when you have secrets?giphybad decision.
all i know is just keep sniffin’ along your own path foxhole.
you will find out sooner or later.

lowkey: i will be the mature one and say most strippers do “this” for money.
he could be straight and just used gays for a paycheck.
that night?
most strippers,
female or male,
will do anything for extra money.
they will fuck whoever needs to be fucked if you shellin out them dollahs.
a majority are escorts and most of these strippers have secrets.
all i will say about that.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “Those Who Protest Too Much (Get Caught Up By The F-Bi?)”

      1. Agreed Jamari! I don’t think he thought someone would be filming…or he didn’t care. Now this shit is going to come back and bit him on the ass HARD! I’d love to hear him explain this one! More than likely the response will be, “well I needed the money…” LMAO

        1. ^honestly I won’t even laugh at him.
          if this isn’t the perfect example of karma.
          he judged us and now it’s his turn for judgment.
          he should have not even said anything.
          if he fucked with the gays,
          let them support from the background,
          his money would have been longer.
          never bite the hands that could potentially hold you up.
          when you fall,
          there will be no one to catch you.

      1. @The Man…it may be six years old, but he’s not going to be happy that it’s being brought to the forefront again after all this time. LOL
        For his female fans…he’s gonna have some ‘splainin (as Ricky Ricardo would say) to do.

      2. Do you think his female fans care tho? He is a stripper. They just want a good show lol. Now the ones who have had sex with him may be worried lol.

  1. I still think it’s stupid, even if a man was straight, to talk trash about gays after having been hired by them. That’s biting the hand that feeds you. That’s like Elvis allegedly talking trash about Black people after they whitened Rock N Roll. You wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for these people. Also reminds me of models that want to get into the fashion industry yet they hate gays because the Bible says so.

    Can’t really blame em for the homophobic rants when gays allow themselves to be used by people who dislike/hate them. Black people do the same thing.

    I don’t how true this is but I heard there was a gay for pay porn-star that hated gays despite the fact that he was a gay porn-star. I don’t really remember the story too much but one guy that was a friend of the porn-star said the guy would always yell about how disgusting us faggots are and that he only interacted on set with us because he had to. He didn’t want any gays around him off set. This porn-star was White. This was years ago tho. I can’t recall what his name was.

    1. ^he sounds deeply confused and a raging dumbass.
      sounds like someone needed to re-evaluate their lives.
      he sold his soul to the devil and then getting mad at the outcome?
      most of these people sell their souls for diamonds and stacks,
      then get mad that it also came with other shit.

  2. Make Strippers fuck their clients. Fat women get some dick after these shows trust. I know female strippers who will fuck you in the private rooms for the right amount of money. Gay strippers do anything because they have no morals to begin with. Arquez the porno star has sex with his clients. There was a video to prove that when he was secretly recorded. Nothing is straight in the sex industry so these people could stop fooling themselves.

  3. I was with my girlfriends and similar thing happen during a birthday party at a hotel. Straight male stripper came in and said, he didn’t want a ‘man’ looking at him. I didn’t miss anything because they recorded it, and came running to show me on the other side of the suite while he was shaking his dick and ass. He knew that was happening. These guys will do anything for money.

  4. I must admit, I have seen his other videos and he is entertaining to watch. That body is amazing. When he bends that booty over…..DAMN. He might be struggling with his sexuality if he is that big of a homophobe tho. Latin guys usually aren’t homophobes. A lot of them get down as a matter of fact. I’d try to get him to open up(no pun intended) and get him comfortable to see what’s really going on with him. He’s too fine to just like women lol. Can I get some love too?

    1. He is entertaining, but the pop-locking shit he does is tired. Time to upgrade his moves! LOL

  5. Male stripper are so dry!

    I saw nothing that would make me come off any money. That’s why I stick to female strip clubs. These dudes wouldn’t make any money if people weren’t thirsty lol

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