The Orlando Club That Got Lit (Pulse)

IMG_9942_980x400so we can’t even go out any more to enjoy ourselves?
wtf is going on 2016?
are you really trying to send a message?
so i woke up to very sad news.
a gay club in orlando,
named pulse,
was the last scene for many.
an armed jackal walked in and opened fire.
this is the story via the chicago tribune
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Nick Jonas Does The Gay Club

nick-jonas1nick jonas,
of “the jonas brothers” fame,
has turned into something of a meat sandwich over the years.
as you can tell,
he be on his fitness.
well nick also knows where his loyalty lies.
the gays.
nick decided to take a little trip to an nyc gay club and well…

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Those Who Protest Too Much (Get Caught Up By The F-Bi?)

there once was a stripper who was very dashing.
boy did he bring the heat!
he had an attractive face,
his body
would make you cry,
and butt cheeks so round they could hypnotize.
well he didn’t want any men to look at him at all.
if you did,
he would personally contact you and curse you the fuck out.
well one day,
a day on memorial day weekend of 2014,
that same stripper was found to actually not really be as homophobic as he appeared to be.
well he wasn’t to dance at a gay club in ny called “krave” back in 2009.
watch this alleged video an f-bi delivered and see if this is the alleged stripper in this story…

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“So Jeffrey, What Kind of Gay Are You?”

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 8.02.44 PM“jeffery what kind of gay are you?
so there are all kinds of gays in here.
so there are subcultures in the culture.
aaah i’ll teach you.
so you have the guys who are feminine over there.
then you have the butch ones who are over there.
then you have the butch queens.
and then you the queeeens.
which one are you?
you’re one of them jeffrey.
you’ll figure it out i guess.
okay maybe you’re right.
maybe there is a breed i don’t know about,
which is rare,
because i know and luhhhh the kids.”
– candace to jeffrey in the gay club, sabotage.
you know i vomited at that scene right?


any thoughts on poor jeffrey’s first night at the gay club?

Michael Sam AKA Magic Mike Stripping At The Gay Club

michael-sam---senior-bowljpg-18fce06df88989d5well tmz gets everything.
you know how they do.
they probably got spies in the damn white house.
well they got michael sam stripping.
a gay club of all places for a bunch of older snow bunnies….
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When In Rome; Kill The Romans

You ever went some place where you felt out of place?
It was not your particular flavor so it left a bad taste in your mouth?

…or maybe it was a flavor you are not use too…

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