When In Rome; Kill The Romans

You ever went some place where you felt out of place?
It was not your particular flavor so it left a bad taste in your mouth?

…or maybe it was a flavor you are not use too…

The gay club is an interesting scene.
I spent my NYE there since my original plans fell through.
Star Fox and I were in attendance.
Decked in my best “Don’t Know Who I Am” fit,
I was posted up on the wall, sippin’ on a Corona, and took it all in.

Things I Observed Under A Fitted

* The more masculine you look, the more play you got
* Niggas have no issue grabbing your dick or ass as you walk by
* DL Wolves post up on the wall while the queens run the dance floor
* Strippers are willing to do whatever for a little green
* Men and models who claim “For Ladies Only” on Youtube frequent
* Fat gays will buy you anything for your attention
* Desperate gays pay for attention
* Gays are very clicky
* Who were the real TOPS?
* Muscles come standard like coat check
* It is easy to get some dick
* Some masculine men will fuck a queen in a heartbeat
* Who fucked who?

… amongst a few other things I peeped.

It is an experience.
Not something I would do all the time,
but at least it was interesting.


8 thoughts on “When In Rome; Kill The Romans

  1. Oh and not that anyone specifically said straight was better. Just Ranting.

    THank You again! 🙂

  2. Oh lighten the hell up everybody! DAMN! like somebody wants to necessarily go to a straight club where a bunch of dudes post up on walls ready to attack or shoot some damn body. Where a bunch of women who know damn well they aint got no business using a shirt as a dress! The atmosphere can be just as bad.

    We gays tend to give ourselves such a hard time. Its one club experience and since you dont do that all the time jamari sweety, how do you know its like that all the time?

    Look, its a flavor as you said that you are not used to ,but it is what it is. not like that everywhere. Not all gay clubs have a lot of messiness going on. I think you should visit a few more.

    Sorry, but this post..while i get what you mean and can agree to some extent, I still dont feel like hanging around straight people is any big SHABANG SHINDIG either! Mess is MESS!

    Ok Im done.

    Love yOu Mari,

      1. Well you know I love you Jamari, but what I was just saying is, its all how you take it. We have a unique flavor to us just as the heterosexual community has to them when they gather round. Its all in how you take it in when you are in the setting amongst them. If you think about most of it..its entertaining and quite interesting to watch…look at all you’ve observed.

        Mostly everyone just came to have a good time and enjoy themselves. So I would just laugh..its funny to watch folks interact and not know how look when they are being watched by outsiders. Its something to make you smile when you see others behave in a silly manner despite being in the public eye. If you take it in a negative manner or turn ur nose up and it makes ur tummy hurt, then of course you arent going to have a good time or a welcoming perception of ur surroundings.

        DELLA! 🙂

    1. Della, I’m right there with you! Straight clubs are nothing but a bunch of fysh swimming around in tight outfits and straight men who post up on walls and are willing to buy them drinks or tell them what they want to hear if it means they’ll get to smash. Fat guys will be the first to buy them drinks. Fysh are cliquey. And if you have enough money you can take any fysh home. At least at a gay club you aren’t standing around hoping one of the attractive men you’ve spent your time eying from across the room likes boys… you pretty much KNOW you have a shot at getting him.

  3. That’s why I don’t fuck with the gay clubs…and you can’t forget the occasional shootout or stabfest. Queens are crazy

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