Michael Sam AKA Magic Mike Stripping At The Gay Club

michael-sam---senior-bowljpg-18fce06df88989d5well tmz gets everything.
you know how they do.
they probably got spies in the damn white house.
well they got michael sam stripping.
a gay club of all places for a bunch of older snow bunnies….


hello magic mike.
um i have no money right now,
but i can pay you in another way.
that way is much better.
trust me.

…on lighter news,
if this football thing doesn’t work out,
he can become a professional stripper.
i’m trying to look at the bright side of things.
don’t look at me like that.

courtesy: TMZ SPORTS

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Michael Sam AKA Magic Mike Stripping At The Gay Club”

  1. This will be used against him.Even though a lot of athletes take semi-nude pictures to appeal to women, they’ll say this is too much of a distraction for their team… just you watch.He should’ve waited although he apparently couldn’t because some cunt was gonna expose him.

    See what Peanut inspired.Now everybody will be doing this shit.I think Frank Ocean came out because he wanted to be the one to tell instead of being blackmailed or exposed.

  2. I’m assuming that he’s not a ‘career’ erotic dancer, because from the small clip, he’s crap at it! I just hope it was just some slightly drunken fun night out with pals, and he got his exhibition freak on. Either way, it’s hardly worth commenting on.

    I’m far more interested in his abilities on a playing field.

  3. Much ado about nothing.
    On a sidenote I wonder if his agents have told him to take a break on publicly dating.
    Someone mentioned a few Black Gay celebs yesterday and I realized I have never seen any of them showing any PDA/kiss, even on social media.I have seen some pics of Latifah being affectionate with her ex,Jeanette but then again she has never said she was Gay or Bi.
    Since the Gay dads Kordale and Kaleb became minor celebs I have been checking out their IG and I like that they post affectionate pics despite the homophobic comments.

    I know the main goal is for Michael to get drafted,make the team,etc.But one day it would be nice to see him with a BF or date the same way we see Dez,Donte,Reggie Bush ,etc with their girlfriends since he is “Publicly Out”

  4. This is nothing. I know one thing tho, he better keep his ass of Jackd, A4A, BGC, Craigslist, webcam, etc. He has a target on him for an expose pay day.

    If someone in his camp is reading this, heed the warning.

  5. He has a very nice body. I like the fact that he actually has meat and isn’t toned. And is it weird that I actually like his crooked smile?

  6. His agent says the Charges would be a “great fit” for him partly because how they handled the Manti T’eo scandal.T’eo says his teammmates didn’t make a big deal of the fake girlfriend controversy .I know some people still BELIEVE Manti is Gay or Bi but they KNOW Michael is Gay so its not quite the same.But I guess Charges may have zero tolerance for hazing.I DK

    1. What really helps Michael is the Jonathan Martin/Incognito fiasco. That put the whole bullying thing in the spotlight so the NFL will be on the lookout for any harassment.

      I personally think the media is making trouble for him. Ironically if he was simply sort of out to his teammates I bet they’d be somewhat cool with it. Now folks won’t know how to handle him. These guys bond through rough housing and making crude jokes on each other. I think many will be polite but will walk around him on egg shells. I hope he isn’t ostracized.

  7. He can get my dollars. I hope he doesn’t have to resort to that though. I pray that someone picks him up and that this will allow others to become more open. I hope that he also like black guys or at least guys of color. We need one of the them to like “themselves”.

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