Bonding With Strangers Over A Cup of Phone

tumblr_l6zkv3q84L1qd06ufo1_500_largeit feels good to vent.
just let all the word vomit out on the table.
it’s even better when you’re able to vent to complete strangers.
people who don’t know you,
won’t judge you,
and will just listen to what you have to say.
sort of like what i do on this blog when needed.
so my phone has been off since yesterday…

my phone is NEVER off.
i pay that bill on time every month.
due to the powers that b,
you already know the situation i am in.
so i called my phone company today because i wanted to do a partial payment.
 20 dollar payment just to turn it on.
this lady answered,
from the accent i could tell she was in the south,
and i explained to her my situation.
well we got into it…

giphy-26…and it felt so releasing.
i told her about barely having any food,
to my parents and star fox’s sudden death,
being alone in this cold city,
and how having faith in god has been such a challenge.

well she told me about how her daughter’s job situation.
she said her daughter was fired because of a “black out period” at her job.
that is when you cannot call out or you will be fired.
well she got sick and was nearly hospitalized so she had to take the day off.
well her daughter hasn’t gotten a check from unemployment yet.
her mother is now paying her bills,
along with the monthly bills,
and has to keep inspiring her from the depression she is currently in.
i felt her.
i know what she is dealing with.

we bonded as strangers for that brief moment and it felt good.
good to just release on her as she did on me.
she said i sound like i have a good spirit and god will work something out.
she also turned my phone on and extend the bill until the 28th of this month.
my phone bill is due march 5th so lets hope i get a job soon.

babybrunomjthank you misty from down south for listening and helping me today.
continue to keep me in your prayers as i will mine.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Bonding With Strangers Over A Cup of Phone”

  1. It funny how when you are sad and you talk things out to a stranger it feels so relieving and peaceful. Maybe it because there no judgement.

  2. That sounds like such a wonderful experience.I thought you were gonna say the lady was rude at first.Lord knows I had to deal with them more than once.

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