Bonding With Strangers Over A Cup of Phone

tumblr_l6zkv3q84L1qd06ufo1_500_largeit feels good to vent.
just let all the word vomit out on the table.
it’s even better when you’re able to vent to complete strangers.
people who don’t know you,
won’t judge you,
and will just listen to what you have to say.
sort of like what i do on this blog when needed.
so my phone has been off since yesterday…

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The Mighty Morphin Magical Power Penis

“I need a vacation or something because I feel like I am about to give up and I am fighting it.” – Me, in a text

“U need Dick” – Hubby In My Head, responds.

“It’s not that easy. I do not want to give my body away to some random nigga.” – Me, reply.

“I digz” – His, reply

Would dick magically turn everything right?

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