The Mighty Morphin Magical Power Penis

“I need a vacation or something because I feel like I am about to give up and I am fighting it.” – Me, in a text

“U need Dick” – Hubby In My Head, responds.

“It’s not that easy. I do not want to give my body away to some random nigga.” – Me, reply.

“I digz” – His, reply

Would dick magically turn everything right?

Why is this the common answer to everyone?

You get a little stressed out or life becomes a little too difficult to deal with, and the only solution is the Mighty Magical Power Penis being inserted into your boi puss.

Is the power of a good pipe enough to save your world?

Let’s look at it from both sides of the fence (from a bottom’s perspective)….

One one side, you get to throw your legs up in the air for a good 30 – 45 minutes of non stop sexual satisfaction. You let Mister WOLF flip, turn, attack, punish, and spank your ass in all ways and forms. You cum…. he cums… and you both collapse in a sweaty sex drunk stooper. You both got a work out, burn some calories, and are temporarily taken away from your problems.

The other side is, what happens afterward? You do it again to escape your issues? Or you kick his ass out your crib and face your situations?

Plus, I am a different kind of Fox. I am not just letting ANYONE beat down the boi puss because I am horny. Lately, “anyone” has just been hitting me up. I’m not saying I am perfect but I know what I am looking for. THAT hasn’t showed face yet so I’ll keep my shit tite. I am not going to become dependent on sex from strangers. It can be like a drug. Once you get on and start getting out of control, then you are screwed… for life.


I have a friend who has become a total idiot because of some dick. Was actually in a Stable relationship but cheated on Stable to be turned out. The un-stable dick entered his inner walls and penetrated the place where he kept his common sense.

He is now a dick-head…
walking around here, broke as a joke, and looking for a fix from his dick dealer.

I refuse to have that being me. When you get it and you get it good from just ANYBODY, you are letting in forces that you may not know how to control inside you… especially if you are lonely.

If you are a soul-less whore, then I guess it is easy. I’d rather be a smart whore, unlike a stupid one. At least I am in control of the whoring. Some of these dudes let it control them. Can I get an “amen“?

I teach you Foxes how to do this, in a class act kind of way. Why go backwards for some 1/2 hour pleasure from an “anyone“?


Later Foxes

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “The Mighty Morphin Magical Power Penis”

  1. You are right Jamari…sex can be the drug of choice for bottoms and tops too. Bottoms have to be especially careful though…it seems they get can quickly get reputations for being played out.

    I ask myself these questions before doing the do: Are you having sex with this person for fun, because you like them, or because you are bored and want to escape? As long as you know why you are doing it, it’s cool.

    But when you no longer know your true motivations then you have a problem.

    Keep up the good writing!

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