i love a good mission(ary)

*i’m laying on my back in the bed.
the way he is looking at me,
i can tell he’s ready.
he climbs on the bed and spreads my legs open.
once he crawls on top of me,

i feel him place his warm tongue on my neck.
i’m hard now.

i take my hands and run it slowly down his back.
i follow the curve and place my hands on both of his plump cheeks.
i squeeze on his handle bars to let him know that
i’m ready…

that’s one of my signature moves when a wolf crawls on top of me.
once my hands are squeezing on your ass,
i’m pretty much ret to go.
so i thought i was the only one who loved the missionary position.
this tweet i saw today tho…
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The Mighty Morphin Magical Power Penis

“I need a vacation or something because I feel like I am about to give up and I am fighting it.” – Me, in a text

“U need Dick” – Hubby In My Head, responds.

“It’s not that easy. I do not want to give my body away to some random nigga.” – Me, reply.

“I digz” – His, reply

Would dick magically turn everything right?

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