Devin Thomas…. JR?

Well my dreams have been answered…. Sort of/kind a/not really.

I was walking into the place that provides me great learning and growth, minding my own business when I saw a dude coming in my direction. Since I have a fine nigga detector built into my head, no one else mattered but this particular dude. He was light skinned, a little taller than me, low eyes, slimmish built, and nice ass lips.

When I focused my attention, he looked like my top wolf on all my lists, Devin Thomas. Yup. He looked like “Daddy”.

The story continues…..

As I was walking towards this beautiful dude, he starts to smile at me. I bust out with a smile also, you know, returning the favor. Suddenly, he points his lips out and towards me – I can’t explain the exact action but all I know is it made my booty hole vibrate. It was like he liked what he saw and decided to use his lips to let me know. All the while, he had the bedroom eyes going and…. Just damn.

My only reaction was to head nod and keep it moving.

I know he goes to my school because he had the college student look down. Plus, the school bag was a dead giveaway. You know what they say about college boys?

Regardless, since I do not have the real thing right now – the carbon copy will have to do until I get to ride #11.

More to come!

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5 thoughts on “Devin Thomas…. JR?”

  1. “Fine nigga detector” YYEEESSS!! Mine is on high power at ALL TIMES. Even if there’s a tragedy its like “Omg this is awful” (hey, wait a minute) *pans right*… 0.0 He’s fine! Lol But its weird because im in college… and we’re all lookin’ for the local trade. Maybe being in the A-Town has something to do with it. He sounded fine tho!

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