The Follow Up To The Follow Up

MAILMESSAGEWINDOWsaid it just like that too.
uh huh.
i ain’t playin’…
…okay so i was playin’.

tumblr_mq6ygi0Sov1qb8if0o3_250i ain’t crazy.
since it is the 11th today,
i wanted to contact mr. green again to keep me in his radar.
i also got the inspiration from alison doyle from about job search.
she had a great segment on sending out a “reverse cover letter“.
this is what i wrote to him today:

Dear Mr. Green,

I hope all is well. I want to fully thank you again for meeting with me for the position at _______ & ________. I wanted to send a follow up for my deepest interest in working for your team. With my many years of commanding and leading in the administrative field, I feel I would be the perfect candidate for ________ & _________. At my last position at ___________, I quickly rose to be one of their best administrative assistants. Many of the top executives of each division trusted me with their time sensitive materials, appointed me the duties of handling their most sensitive clients, and requested my help for tasks that would have required many years of training at the company. The clients I have dealt with have always remembered me for my friendly disposition, flawless execution, and how quickly I handled any issues that arose. My motto for administrative work is always have effective communication to ensure proper execution of tasks.

My background for being a hard worker and the skills I have learned throughout the years would make me an excellent candidate for this position. I feel I would be a great fit at _________ & _______ and would dedicate many years of loyalty to their brand.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

Jamari Fox

PRudd1i think i gave it my best.
no response
but i’ll continue keep my fingers crossed on a reply soon.
those who want to copy that format,
don’t hesitate to manipulate to the fashion you desire.
i just ask that you continue to pray for me!

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  1. That letter was crafted very well! He should respond just because you contacted him in an intelligent and competent fashion. If it’s for you, then you WILL have it! #pow 😎

  2. Nice letter. God I hope you get this job. Its been a long ride bro. I want to you to be happy again.

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