Westboro Bible Thumpers Vs The Great Wall of Mizzou

giphyit starts.
an f-bi just sent me this email about whats about to go down at mizzou this saturday.
the bible thumpers of westboro vs the university of missouri.
who will win?…
Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 10.02.18 PM
well golly ya know what?
if ima burn in hell then let me go get my sun tan lotion then.
wouldn’t want to get skin cancer down in those fiery pits.
maybe i can get satan to rub it on me.
all on my soft caramel boo-tay.
i heard he likes black foxes better.
don’t tell no one.
well it looks like mizzou is standing by their pre baller wolf!
a pre baller wolf named sam that is:

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 10.05.22 PMScreen Shot 2014-02-10 at 10.06.08 PMrhoa-607-mama-joyceanyone f-bi lives in missouri,
go check it out and bring back some intel for the foxhole.
i have bounty on any bible thumper who gets punched in the face.
please don’t get too turnt up and arrested.

lowkey: these bible thumpers will go out their way to do that,
but won’t stand up to the goverment for those who lost unemployment.
hell the country they live in that is going to ruins.
backwards ass people i swear.

x westboro website “godhatesfags”

x facebook event for mizzou wall

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “Westboro Bible Thumpers Vs The Great Wall of Mizzou”

  1. Wow.I’m not surprised but do these people ever have anything better to do.All the time they waste on the internet looking for big stories to protest, they could be studying scripture and worshiping God.Something they claim they like doing.

    They’re trash and people need to stop giving them the time of day.I remember when they were on Tyra Banks show and the woman who was head of the church claimed that kids who died at a young age deserved it.She said that was God’s way of punishing them and the parents for doing something wrong.I remember when the Sandy Hook shooting happened, these kunts said those little kids received God’s wrath or something of that manner.

    I can’t with these people.They’re clearly mentally unstable yet the media keeps giving them a voice.

  2. thats because most of these bible thumpers are inbreed fanatics who have been spoonfed this shit since their conception. i just can’t. The idiots are always protesting funerals and big events, simply media whores that LIVE for the attention, and they claim to speak in the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST and this is why Christianity is becoming a despised faith because all christians these days do is judge and condemn but they rarely act anymore…it’s like the whole childish attitude “i serve the right god and im going to be saved while you all freefall to Hell”…I’m over religion with their hypocritical under cover homosexuals. no str8 man or woman cares that damn much about gay sex or relations, NO MATTER their FAITH

  3. that meens probably 14 protesters and 6 will be children….. they are a sad state of affairs for sure but will go away the day the media starts to ignore them.

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