When The Grass Is Cut, The Snakes Will Show

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 8.26.30 PM“hi eric”.
oh sorry.
serious story.
i always loved that lyric from jay.

so everyone meet pre baller wolf,
eric waters.
he was a tight end for mizzou and was also michael sam’s roommate.
well he is pretty cool with michael and dropped a bombshell on twitter yesterday.
one people really shouldn’t be shocked about,
but whatever…


no not really.
ive been around a few snakes in my life to know how it goes.
he had this to say a few minutes ago

wow2i don’t think people should condemn eric.
he was being real and letting you know the real as well.
who knows if the team’s pr didn’t tell them to say certain things.
people will drink the sugar water of what the media tells them.
i’m glad eric exposed the antics.
don’t be shocked foxholer.
this is just one of the realities michael will be facing.
good luck.

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Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “When The Grass Is Cut, The Snakes Will Show”

  1. I think I like this Eric guy. Not only cute but tells it like it is. Its not surprising everyone wants to jump on the “we’re so proud of you” bandwagon now that he’s getting all this attention. People can be so damn shady sometimes. If they didn’t approve of him to begin with, why be phony now. Say what you really feel or just keep your mouth closed.

  2. I really understand where he’s coming from.Back when I was in high school, I had a friend say something very disrespectful about a recently deceased guy.The guy was rumored to be gay.He died from some type of cancer that he’d been battling since he was a child.When I told my friend about his death, he says “Good, that’s what he gets, I hope the faggot burns in hell.”Then later when we were around other classmates and they brought up the guy’s death, my friend says “Yeah, his death really shocked me, I’m really sad that he died, he was my friend.”

    If you could’ve seen my face when I heard him say that.It was like something out of a sitcom.I couldn’t believe he just lied like that.I was looking at him for a few minutes like “Are you serious!”

    Two of my other friends were there when he said the hateful shit but they all caught a case of amnesia and claim they don’t remember him saying it which makes me look stupid and crazy.

    The guy who said the hateful shit is straight but I always got a feeling he was at least bi.He was very touchy with me and other dudes.He always wanted to feel their muscles and shit.Sometimes he’d touch in the right spot that it made me wanna jump his bones right then and there.

    Anyways, I understand why he’d be angry.I can’t stand fake people.

  3. Even though what he said may be true, it DID NOT HELP!!! One of the things that would make it more difficult for the NFL to ostracize Michael is the way the Missouri team handled it. Even if it’s allegedly, perception is everything, and all the analysts have been pointing out that Michael’s team is the real hero in this story, in that they were so supportive (allegedly), thus giving weight to those who feel the NFL can and will handle it tastefully. Eric’s statements do more damage than good. Sometimes…No, ALL the time, it’s best to assess the situation and realize some things are better left unsaid. When keeping it real goes wrong…!!!

    1. Butter, you’re right. You’re either a part of the solution, or your a part of the problem. Just because something is true doesn’t justify saying it. If the solution is getting Michael Sam in the NFL and well-paid, then his friend’s “truth telling” didn’t help. It hurt.

  4. Eric is telling the truth. No way a whole gang straight guys are all cool with it. Homophobia is innate with many of them. If the media wants to get the real scoop they need to be interviewing the teammates girlfriends. They’ll give them the lowdown anonymously of course, lol.

    1. I am in Houston which is about thirty minutes from Michael’s hometown of Hitchcock.The tv stations down here are interviewing his teachers,neighbors,HS coach,students at his HS,etc.Of course they are all being PC.The only people,who have said negative stuff are some college and pro players who are working out here in Houston.The comment they keep making is I dont have a problem as long as he doesn’t look at me(check them out).I wish a reporter would ask them “Why would he be checking you out? Why would he be attracted to you? Alot of Straight Guys think EVERY Gay guy wants them or finds them attractive.LOL

      1. Y Colette, this “he’ll look at me” is bogus. Straight guys look at guys in the locker room naked all the time and often will comment on the other guys penis size, shape, body size, shape, etc. Who goes into the locker room with blinders on. No one!

        And gay and bisexual guys have been in locker rooms for a long time.

      2. I saw the same interviews in Houston and funny how no one with anything positive to say wanted their faces shown on camera. That speaks volumes.

  5. i just feel it’s nice to see michael being honest about his sexuality, many of which his real friends and family already knew, however my question is was it worth revealing your sexuality? Did it have t be revealed? Like would it have been okay if people just knew already who were around him? the reason im asking is from a career point of view im trying to figure out did he commit career suicide, or would it have been better if he became established first then revealed it, because i feel like now the main focus is just going to be that gay football player and NOT his actual skills. I feel he’ll be tolerated, not celebrated. I hope it works out for him. Like i’m a gay male, my family knows, friends know I’m pretty transparent. However when im at work, school or studying i’ve met many friends who thought i was straight., even career wise. However I’m training to become a medical examiner and i don’t want to be simply known as the gay medical examiner, or the gay physician. so idk i guess it depends on the circumstances. but i just feel like my sexuality is my sexuality it doesnt play a role in my career and it most definitely won’t be a problem in regards to me advancing and earning my money. I think the media these days have grown desperate and attached to covering people coming out the closet….

    1. LMAO, talk about the snake in the room, trust me many were thinking that but no one wanted to say it. Go DISDUDEABEAST you broke the shit up in here tonight-LOL

  6. Check out a site called Outsports.com
    He came out now basically because he was out to be outed.Some Scouts found out he was Gay and start questioning his agent at the Senior Bowl.They decided to be Proactive rather than Reactive.To tell his story on his terms.

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